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Name Coldwater Spring (a destination along the Mt. Naomi Peak National Recreation Trail)
USFS Trail Number
005 (Mt. Naomi Peak National Recreation Trail)
Geographic Area Tony Grove, upper Logan Canyon
1.7 miles from the Tony Grove Backcountry Trailhead to Coldwater Spring
Access via the Tony Grove Backcountry Trailhead, 0.7 miles east of Tony Grove Lake (also by a connecting trail from Campsite 13 in the Tony Grove Lake Campground). To get to Tony Grove, turn west from US 89 at mile 481 in Logan Canyon, then 6 miles to the short road leading to the Backcountry Trailhead or 6.7 miles to the lake.  The trail climbs gently through a shady forest, passing the Bear Hollow junction at mile 1.2 and arriving at Coldwater Spring at mile 1.7.  The trail crosses above the spring - look for the watering trough, below the trail.  Coldwater Spring usually flows abundantly with cool water.  A pipe feeds water to a trough for livestock.  There are problems of shortcutting along the trail section between Coldwater Spring and the trailhead - please stay on the maintained trail to help control erosion. 

This area offers many hiking options.  You can continue east to the Mount Naomi Wilderness boundary, then north to Smithfield Canyon or south toward Cottonwood Canyon, Mt. Elmer, Wood Camp, Blind Hollow or Green Canyon.  We have enjoyed a pleasant 7mile loop hike
via the Hansen Pond Trail and Blind Hollow Trail (shown below, traveling in the clockwise direction so Coldwater Spring is not encountered until mile 5.5). 
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Card East map
This loop is shown in the clockwise travel direction