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Name Cottonwood Canyon Trail
USFS Trail Number
n.a. (not a USFS System Trail)
Geographic Area Logan Canyon, northwest side
2.7 miles from US 89 to the Cottonwood Canyon Trail (USFS Trail 048)
Access via US 89 in Logan Canyon. Park in a small pull-off on the north side of the highway midway between mile marker 473 and 474 (about 2 miles past Wood Camp). This trail section has been abandoned by the Forest Service and no longer appears as one of their system trails. It was last described in the 1994 edition of Cache Trails as "not maintained", a "real challenge", "waist-high vegetation" and "impassible at times of high water", and the trail was omitted from the Cache Trails 2004 edition. In recent years individuals have worked on the trail, clearing vegetation, building "bridges" and improving the tread. The current trail follows the main canyon until it climbs to join the Cottonwood Canyon trail (Trail 048), 2.7 miles from US-89. From this junction hikers can continue north on the Cottonwood Canyon Trail toward Blind Hollow and Tony Grove or south toward Wood Camp and the Jardine Juniper. Another option is to take a side trail 0.3 miles from US-89 for a short and steep climb on an unofficial trail to the Jardine Juniper.
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