Bear Lake Overlook/Old Limber Pine, 11 March, 2023

Ten snowshoers and one skier met at Smith's on Saturday morning for our last scheduled winter outing. With the avalanche danger ranging from considerable to high, we abandoned our plans for Logan Dry Canyon. With several inches of new snow over the last couple of days and a Bluebird Saturday morning, we took advantage of the opportunity  and headed for the Bear Lake Overlook.

The Overlook parking area was almost full with snowmobilers, many of whom were riding the Nordic, non-motorized areas.  We altered our route to go farther south and avoid the "high marking gang". We left the parking lot under a sunny sky and a light breeze. Our path took us down through Sunrise Campground, then on a southwest loop trail of our own creation. We climbed back up to the Limber Pine for lunch and then took a more direct route back to the cars.

Trip Summary:
  • Eleven participants:  Linda, Teresa, Dave P, Jane, Susan, Ophelia, Bev , Eva, Sydney, Brent (leader) on snowshoes, Dave W on skis
  • Drove 34 miles up Logan Canyon to the Bear Lake Overlook
  • Left the parking area at 11:00, lunch and photos at the Old Limber Pine 1:10 to 1:50, back at our vehicles at 2:50 and Smith's at 3:35
  • Fresh snow, blue sky, temperature in the mid 20s and a light breeze
  • Our track shows about 2.6 miles with more than 300 feet of ascent/descent

Thanks to Brent for the narrative and photos, Ophelia, Dave P, Dave W and Jane for photos, Teresa for GPS data, and Dave P and Dave W for route-finding.

Starting out, near the Bear Lake Overlook

Climbing a snowy hill with blue skies, fresh snow, calm winds and pleasant temperatures
We enjoyed great views of Bear Lake

Lunch near the Old Limber Pine
At the Old Limber Pine
Heading back from the Old Limber PIne
Traveling through the trees
Snowshoers crossing snowmobile tracks as they descended (snowmobiles had intruded into this non-motorized area)
Skiing back down, with an icy Bear Lake in the distance

A grouse overhead in an aspen tree

Our GPS track shows about 2.6 miles and over 300 feet of ascent/descent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.