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Beirdneau Peak, 28 June, 2015

We started out with seven hikers: Dave W, Jane, Ron, Chris, Stephanie, Jason, and Dave P (leader).   We were glad for the shade on the Preston Valley trail as we climbed to the ridge, and on the way saw a couple of fearless grouse and a small ground nest with four eggs.  As we approached Beirdneau Peak we ran into Jay, who missed meeting us in Logan and then hiked up Wind Caves Way toward Beirdneau.  

The last push to the peak was off-trail and a hot climb, but all eight hikers made it. The peak was alive with wildflowers, butterflies, and birds Mountain bluebirds hovered nearby while we enjoyed a well-deserved lunch break amid the wildflowers and butterflies on Beirdneau Peak. Beirdneau has one of the best views of our hiking area, including Flattop, Mt. Jardine, Mt. Elmer, Naomi Peak, Temple Peak, and Logan Peak.  On the way back we had to share water—each hiker needed at least 3 liters this time.  

Editors note: While ascending, the group left the Beirdneau trail and went up the main ridge, eastward to the peak. They descended along the southerly ridge and followed the Beirdneau trail west, back to the main ridge. This trail section is severely overgrown as it contours around Beirdneau Peak, making the trail hard to find and difficult to follow. This trail section may become "lost" without appropriate maintenance activity.

Trip Summary:

  • Carpooled 7 miles to the Preston Valley trailhead in Green Canyon
  • Started hiking 8:35
  • Lunch at the peak, 12:50 - 1:25
  • Trailhead at 4:45 and Logan at 5:15
  • Clear skies, hot (100°F in the Cache Valley and 88°F on the Beirdneau Peak), with a mild breeze
  • 9.8 miles and 3300 feet of elevation

Thanks to Dave P for the narrative and Dave W for photos and the GPS work.

Ridge flowers
Surrounded by wildflowers on the Beirdneau Ridge
Hiking up the ridge toward Beirdneau Peak

GPS track

On top of Beirdneau Peak
Plaque Window
Plaque on Beirdneau Peak Rock "window" near Beirdneau Peak
Spider Wasatch Penstemon
Spider in balsamroot flower, eating a butterfly Wasatch Penstemon



Junco nest near the trail

Dusky grouse ahead on the trail



Nineleaf Biscuitroot Parsnipflower Buckwheat



Buckbrush, also known as Snowbrush Enchanter's Nightshade
Wallflower Penstemon
Wallflower Penstemon humilis (?)
Fleabane Geranium
Aspen Fleabane Sticky Geranium
Mint Snowberry
Coyote Mint (also known as Mountain Pennyroyal or Mountain Beebalm) Snowberry
Starwort Trumpet
Alpine Chickweed Tiny Trumpet
Our GPS track showed 9.8 miles and 3300 feet of elevation

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps