Beirdneau Peak, 6 September, 2020

Five hikers accepted the challenge of a strenuous hike on a hot day: David, Brent, Kris, Teresa, and Dave P (leader).  It was hot, reaching 85 degrees, and also hazy due to fires in California and Box Elder County.  The wind picked up on the ridge which helped dry our sweat but the smoke plume persisted.  We were able to access the internet from the ridge to check the air quality, which was not too bad so we continued to Beirdneau.  The usual glorious views were muted:  we were able to see the tower on Logan Peak but not the Wellsville Mountains.

In spite of the recent drought there were still purple asters, goldeneye, Indian paintbrush, and yellow owls-clover blooming.  Insects like butterflies, grasshoppers, and native bees were having a field day.  Ladybirds on Beirdneau peak were nipping Teresa, possibly to obtain salt from her skin.  We met four groups of hikers and one trail runner during the day.

Trip Summary:
  • Participants:  David, Brent, Kris, Teresa and Dave P. (leader)
  • Drove 7 miles to the Preston Valley Trailhead in Green Canyon
  • Started hiking about 8:45, with lunch 1:00 - 1:30
  • Back at the trailhead at 4:30
  • Hot temperatures and smoky skies (from California wildfires)
  • Our GPS track shows about 9.8 miles and 3300 feet of ascent/descent

Thanks to Dave P. for the narrative and photos and David for photos and GPS data.

Trailhead sign
Preston Valley Trailhead in Green Canyon, the beginning of the Beirdneau Tail
Why is this sign here?
Cache view
Looking west toward a smoky Cache Valley
Looking east toward Beirdneau Peak
A limestone arch near Beirdneau Peak
A commemorative plaque at the peak
Feeling a bit "peaked" on Beirdneau Peak?
Trail Trail
Trail sections sag downhill due to "tread creep" Much of the trail is in the shade
Horn coral and worm trace fossils
Mountain ash
Mountain ash
Tolmie's owls-clover
Butterfly on asters
Coronis fritillary butterfly on aster flowers
Our GPS track shows about 9.8 miles and 3300 feet of ascent and descent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.