Blacksmith Fork River Trail, 30 December, 2023

A walk along the Blacksmith Fork River was an easy, pleasant beginning for the Cache Hikers winter trips. What little snow had fallen was well-packed on the trail and hikers used boots, poles, and spikes instead of snowshoes.

A brisk breeze as we started out convinced us that the air quality for the day would be superior to that of Cache Valley. Moving clouds, snow-frosted rocks, snowshoe hare tracks, and icy river edges caught our attention as we walked. With only a few brief stops to examine the CCC camp, the old water pipeline, geology, and the rickety bridge, we soon arrived at the big boulders and gate marking our lunch stop and trip end. (The trail continues 1.2 miles beyond before encountering private property.)

We met only six people on the trail, and guessed there were so many cars in the parking lot because it serves three trails, with the Bonneville Shoreline only open for one more day before closing for wildlife protection.

Easing into the winter season with a river walk we were back in town early and refreshed.

Trip Summary
  • Nine hikers: Brent J., Rose, Ralph, Dave P., Brent L., Kathy, Dave W., Elliott, Jane (leader)
  • Traveled 10 miles to the trailhead, 1 mile east of Hyrum on Hwy 101
  • Started hiking about 10:30 a.m. and returned to the cars at 1:30 p.m.
  • Hiked 4.8 miles with about 250 feet of elevation change
  • Temperatures in the 30's, moderate air pollution, some clouds

Thanks to Jane for the narrative and photos and Ralph and Dave for photos and GPS data.

The beginning

Hiking on the Blacksmith Fork RIver Trail

Looking at iron hoops from an old wooden pipeline
Hyrum Dolomite above the Water Canyon Formation

Yes, burned trees on the ridge are from the 2013 Millville Fire

Our lunch spot, by the gate at the end of the official trail

"Wild animals" warning, courtesy Wild Aware Utah
An old footbridge over Blacksmith Fork

Our GPS track shows about 4.8 miles and 250 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.