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Blacksmith Fork Snowshoe, 25 February, 2017

Eager to explore a new trail, eleven Cache Hikers in snowshoes set out on the Blacksmith Fork River Trail on a snowy Saturday morning. Several inches of new snow during the week provided an adequate base with a few rocky spots. From the parking area provided by the Division of Wildlife Resources the group crossed the road and the river to access the trail on the river's south side. The new directional signs were noted and appreciated.

Passing power buildings and an old CCC camp, a bald eagle was seen soaring overhead before the trail narrowed. Sagebrush flats, maple groves, dramatic river gorge views, and magnificent high cliffs provided good scenic variety along the 1.7 mile trail. No other hikers were met on the trail until the end where a group of campers with canvas tents were set up.

Big boulders provided good seating for lunch, but dropping temperatures and increasing snow urged action before long. Warming up quickly on the return trip, hikers were treated to several wildlife observations: deer, elk, turkeys, and geese. The consensus at the trailhead was that this beautiful trail is worth another visit.

Trip Summary:

  • 11 participants: Jane (leader), Dave W., Dave P., Kathy, Laurel, Christine, Nikolai, Stephanie, Gordon, Dick and Susan, all on snowshoes
  • Organized carpools and drove 10 miles to the trailhead
  • Started on the trail about 10:30
  • Lunch about 12:00 - 12:30
  • Back at the trailhead about 1:30 and Logan before 2:00
  • Overcast skies, lightly snowing with heavy snow at times
  • 3.7 miles with about 200 feet of ascent

Thanks to Jane for the narrative and photos, Dave W. for photos and the GPS work.

Editors note: Opened fall 2016 through the collaboration of Hyrum City, Cache County and the Utah Conservation Corps, the Blacksmith Fork River Trail follows the south side of Blacksmith Fork River. See "Volunteers work to complete trails east of Hyrum"


On the Blacksmith Fork River Trail



Signs at the parking area direct users through the gate to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and south across Highway 101 to the Blacksmith Fork River Trail

We saw an eagle, deer, . . .



. . . elk and turkeys



Enjoying lunch at the trail's end


Interesting rock formations across the canyon (and a deer, too)
We thought this rock looked like a bear
Our GPS track showed 3.7 miles and about 200 feet of ascent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.