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Blind Hollow Snowshoe, February 22, 2014

We had another big Saturday turnout with 18 people joining this snowshoe-only trip to Blind Hollow: Mike and Gisela with their children Ryan, Jasmine and Hunter, Kip and LaVae with their daughters Bridgett and Brandy, Dave W., Jane, Dave P., Joe, Susan, Deanna, Dan, Keegan, and our trip leader, Jim. The weather forecast called for a chance of snow with only a little accumulation, but it quickly became apparent that we were in for heavier snow event as we traveled up Logan Canyon. Fortunately the road crews were in out in force, and we had slow-but-safe driving as we followed a snow plow most of the way to the Blind Hollow Tailhead.

The Blind Hollow trail was obscured by a thick layer of new snow and our progress was hindered by limited visibility. We also were slowed by equipment problems at the trailhead and a broken snowshoe on the trail. Navigation got easier as the canyon narrowed, where bright flagging ribbons had been placed to mark the route to the Blind Hollow Yurt. Although we did not go near any excessively steep slopes, we were gratified to know that the dangerous avalanche conditions of the past couple of weeks had abated.

The weather was wet and cold, but the beautiful scenery and fresh snow-covered trees raised our spirits. We had a pleasant lunch break in a sheltered location along the trail and then we made quick progress on our return to the trailhead. Lighter snowfall and greatly improved road conditions got us back to Logan ahead of schedule.

Trip Summary:

  • Assembled 10:00 at Smith's parking lot and organized into carpools (18 people and 4 vehicles)
  • Arrived at Blind Hollow trailhead at 10:45 in heavily falling snow
  • Started on the trail about 10:55
  • Lunch break (still snowing), 12:10 - 12:40, 61 inches total snow depth with 14 inches of new snow, 27 degrees F
  • Back at the parking area by 1:20 and Logan at 2:00
  • Snowing for the entire trip but lessening toward the end
  • Our GPS track showed 2.45 miles with 740 feet of elevation

Thanks to Jim for the narrative an photos, and Dave W for photos and the GPS work.



Snowy progress up the Blind Hollow Trail


A snowy lunch in Blind Hollow

Snowy Trees

Trees covered with snow

GPS map

Snowy cliffs across Logan River - notice where an avalanche ran into the river two weeks before (click here for an enlarged view)


Snowshoe repair

This broken rivet repair by Kip, Dave W. and Jane saved Susan about a mile of "post holing"


GPS track

Our GPS track showed 2.45 miles and 720 feet of elevation

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps.