Bridger Lookoff, March 3, 2012

Jeanne, Dave, Gordon, Ajay, Monika, Brian and Tim participated in this snowshoe only trip.  Estimated distance was 3.3 miles with 930 feet of elevation.

Thanks to recent storms, we had enough snow to snowshoe all the way to the Bridger Lookoff.  We decided to go up and back on the Bridger Lookoff trail because going up the Spring Hollow trail was too steep and icy even with the new snow on it.  I checked out the trail Friday night.  We were breaking trail the whole way and the snow got deeper the higher we went.  Dave, Ajay and I took turns breaking trail while Monica cheered us on.  Monica wanted to continue up the Spring Hollow trail once we reached the Bridger Lookoff.  We reminded her that she had so much energy and ambition because she did not break trail.  We had lunch at the Bridger Lookoff and returned on the same trail.  The parking lot at the Spring Hollow campground was snow covered but nobody got stuck.  Brian, Tim and I drove.  Brian drove himself because he was not sure if he could do the whole outing but did great.  It was great having Brian with us again.  - Jim

Bridger Lookoff
Bridger Lookoff, March 3, 2012

Bridger Look-off track (estimated)
Estimated track