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Bridger Look-Off "Hike", February 21, 2015

Originally scheduled as a snowshoe trip, the event was changed to a hike due to bare trail conditions caused by unseasonably warm temperatures and a lack of snow. A scouting trip earlier in the week revealed an icy section near the top, but there was no snow.

Four hikers met at our usual place in Smith's parking lot, Dave W., substituting as leader, Alexi, Diane and Matt (unsettled weather may have discouraged others from participating). We drove seven miles to the Spring Hollow campground and started out about 10:25. Canada geese were honking from just upstream and mallard ducks swam alongside as we walked down the River Trail through a skiff of new snow. Just before reaching 3rd Dam we turned uphill toward the Bridger Look-Off Trail, arriving at the "look-off" point about 11:00.

After enjoying the view for a few minutes, we headed east and then southeast to join the Spring Hollow Trail, hiking through a flock of robins along the way as they foraged through the trailside brush. At the trail junction, the high point of our hike, we stopped for a short lunch break. Before long a snow flurry encouraged us to pack up and head down the Spring Hollow Trail, arriving at our vehicles about 12:40.

This was a pleasant hike in spite of the unsettled weather and unsure footing in places. We enjoyed the wildlife and learning about trail problems and maintenance issues as we hiked.

Trip Summary:

  • Drove 7 miles to Spring Hollow campground, on the trail about 10:25
  • Lunch 11:55 - 12:10 near the Bridger Look-off/Spring Hollow trail junction
  • Back at our cars about 12:40 and Logan about 1:00
  • Weather was unsettled, with occasional snow flurries (we drove through a heavy snow squall on our way back to Logan)
  • 2.8 miles and 760 feet of elevation

Thanks to Dave W. for the narrative, photos and GPS work


Enjoying the view


This bench had been moved 300 feet down the trail from it's earlier location


A blustery snow flurry signaled the end of our lunch break

Our GPS track showed 2.8 miles and 760 feet of elevation

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps