Bridger Look-off, May 19, 2012

14 people participated in this easy hike:  Valerie, Reinhard, Dave W., Jane, Dave P., Gordon, Norma, Eddie, Samantha, Lisa, Sara, Chris and Jen and their daughter Brooke. 

The footbridge over Spring Hollow creek was still out.  A couple of hikers crossed on some small-diameter logs, but the rest used the knee-high rubber boots Dave and Jane brought for that purpose.  Four hikers decided against crossing the water, so Jane joined them on a reverse-direction hike.  The remaining hikers proceeded on the planned route up Spring Hollow (the two groups kept in contact using Walkie Talkie radios). 

The larger group took a short rest at the rocky area 3/4 mile up the Spring Hollow Trail before heading down the Bridger Look-off Trail.  The two groups of hikers met up after about another half mile, where most hikers continued down toward Third Dam along the originally planned route.  However, two hikers in the smaller group decided to continue up the trail to the junction, so Dave joined with them and (again) kept in radio contact with the other group. 

Trails signs along this route are missing.  The Spring Hollow trail sign at the bottom was missing, signs at the Crimson trail Junction were missing, the sign at the Bridger Trail junction was missing, and so was the sign (and post) at the junction where the Bridger Look-off Trail branches off toward Third Dam. 

The GPS track, below, shows the route traveled by the larger group of hikers.  The total distance for this route was about 2 1/2 miles with the uphill portion, about 800 vertical feet, all within the first mile. The short hike meant everyone got back to town early.  Even the three hikers who went back up to the junction returned to Logan in time for the Gardener's Market!

Missing trail sign
Missing sign at the Spring Hollow junction

Hazard tree

Hazard tree, about 1/4 mile west of the Spring Hollow/Bridger Look-off trail junction

Bridger Look Off GPS track May 2012

Bridger Look-off, May 19, 2012