Bridger Look-off (Spring Hollow), May 25, 2013

This lovely hike is becoming one of our favorite early summer outings.  Although it was identified as a "hike", the activity became more of a flower walk as we enjoyed the abundant wildflowers, pleasant weather, fine views, and clear blue skies.

It was slow going over the steep 3/4 mile trail segment from the Spring Hollow Campground to the Bridger Look-Off trail, but it was an easy, downhill walk the rest of the way.   The newly installed bridge over Spring Hollow Creek was a great improvement over last year, and we got a chuckle from the humorous sign a previous hiker fastened to a signpost to mark the way.  The signpost at the Bridger Look-Off junction had broken off, and signs need to be installed on other signposts (see photos). We also were pleased to see that a hazard tree had been removed, the trail tread was in great condition, and barriers that had been placed to block off trail shortcuts seemed to be effective.

We did not take notes or photos to document all of the wildflowers we saw, but there was quite a variety.  From my memory, and in approximate order of our encounter, we identified false solomon seal, Oregon grape, service berry, chokecherry, low penstemon, bastard toadflax, bluebells, heartleaf arnica, strawberry, blue clematis, "elkweed" (AKA giant gentian, monument plant, etc.), coral root orchid, wild sweet pea, arrowleaf balsamroot, several biscuitroot species (L. grayi, L. triternatum and L. dissectum), stoneseed, milkvetch, and Indian paintbrush. 

16 Cache Hikers participated in this pleasant spring hike:  Larry, Ron, Jane, Dave W. (the leader), Dave P., Dave Z. with his son Ryan and father-in-Law Perry, Kathy, Jared, Denis, Gordan, Anne, Norma, Terry and her daughter Tammy.   Our GPS track (below) shows we traveled 2.5 miles with about 800 vertical feet. We got back to the Spring Hollow campground about 11:30. 

Cache Hikers (in front of Mill Hollow)
Cache Hikers, with Mill Hollow in the background

Heartleaf Arnica
Heartleaf Arnica

Arrowleaf Balsamroot
Arrowleaf Balsamroot

Blue Clematis
Coral Root Orchid
Coral Root Orchid

 Fraseria speciosa "Elkweed"

Blue Clematis
False Solomon Seal


Broken post
Broken signpost at Spring Hollow-Bridger Look-off junction

Bench to be installed, near Spring Hollow - Bridger Look-off  junction

Missing sign
Missing sign at the junction with the  River Trail

User sign
User-made sign at the Crimson Trail - Spring Hollow Trail junction

Missing sign Bridger Look-off
Missing sign at a junction on the Bridger Look-off trail
No sign
Post and barrier blocking a short-cut trail - should there be a sign here?

Bridger Look Off GPS track May 2012

Bridger Look-off, May 25, 2013

Here is a satellite view of our route, from Google