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Bunchgrass Creek, 22 January 2017

Six people met at Smith’s and headed up the canyon to Bunchgrass Creek: Dave W, Jane, Christine, Nicolai, Kathy, and Dave P (leader). Alex met us at the trailhead. Jane, Nicolai, and Kathy were on snowshoes and the others on skis. The weather was overcast, calm, and about 30 degrees F. The snow was deep with 2 inches of fresh powder on the packed trail. No one had gone ahead of us this morning. Off the track heavy snow (aka mashed potatoes) was about 8 inches deep on top of a firm base.

We enjoyed the snow on the trees, although the trees may not have enjoyed the heavy snow that bent down many tops and several trees had fallen over the trail. We stopped for lunch about ¼ mile short of Goring Pond, our usual stop. We packed the snow to make places to sit and Jane used a shovel to make foot holes. Jane and Kathy reminded themselves about not backing up with snowshoes, unless planning to sit down right away. Four skiers with packs, probably from the yurt, slid down past us. Dave W probed the snow and found it was 59 inches deep..

Trip Summary:

  • Organized carpools and drove 22 miles to the Bunchgrass trailhead in Logan Canyon
  • On the trail about 10:50, with lunch 1/4 mile from Goring Pond,12:20 - 1:00
  • Back at the trailhead at 1:50 and Logan about 2:30
  • Overcast skies with an occasional hint of sun, calm winds and about 32 °F
  • Our GPS track showed 3.1 miles and about 600 feet of ascent

Thanks to Dave P. for the narrative and photos, Dave W. and Jane for photos and Dave W. for the GPS work

Sign Sign
Informative signs at the trailhead


Heading up the Bunchgrass Trail


Our lunch stop, about 1/4 mile from Goring Pond



Passing under a fallen tree across the trail

A hint of sun on the way down
Crossing 2016
There was more snow on Bunchgrass Creek (Jan 2017) than previous years Bunchgrass Creek, Feb 2016


Bunchgrass Creek, Feb 2015 Bunchgrass Creek, Mar 2014
Our GPS track showed 3.1 miles with about 600 feet of ascent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.