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Bunchgrass Creek Ski/Snowshoe, 12 January, 2019

Eleven skiers and snowshoers headed up out the murky inversion of Cache Valley to the glorious blue sky of the mountains: Laurel, Jane, Dave W, Susan, Monika, Maggie, Rachel, Chris, Brent, Kathy, and Dave P (leader). The first hill leading up away from the highway is always difficult for skiers. The main trail was steep and icy, and away from the trail the snow was deep. Ski skins were really needed. After the trail entered the Bunchgrass drainage the going was better, but still difficult for skiers without skins.

The trail alternated between cold shade and bright sun. The winter forest was beautiful with small animal tracks in the snow. We met several groups of people enjoying this popular trail. At 12:30 we were still about ¼ mile short of our usual turn-around point, Goring Pond, and decided to stop for lunch in a sunny opening. We had to tromp the deep snow to make places to sit since there wasn’t a log handy. We enjoyed a relaxed lunch and started back at 1:10. The skiers knew turning would be difficult in the variable conditions so some kept skins on to control descent and the others dragged a ski in the snow next to the trail to slow down. After an exciting ride down the skiers waited a few minutes for the snowshoers and we were back at the trailhead a little after 2:00.

Trip Summary:

  • 11 participants: Laurel, Jane, Dave W, Susan, Monika, Maggie, Rachel, Chris, Brent, Kathy, and Dave P (leader).
  • Drove 24 miles up US-89 to the Bunchgrass trailhead
  • Sunny skies, calm winds and pleasant temperatures
  • Our GPS track shows about 3. 2 miles with 630 feet of ascent and descent (a 7.5% average grade)

Thanks to Dave P., Dave W. and Jane for photos, Dave P. for the narrative and Dave W. for the GPS data.

On the Bunchgrass Creek Trail
There was a bit more more snow now (left) than last year (right)
Enjoying lunch in the sunshine
Ice on Bunchgrass Creek Snow caps on tree trunks

Small animal tracks in the snow

Our GPS track shows about 3.2 miles with 630 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.