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Bunchgrass Creek, 4 July, 2016

Sixteen Cache Hikers celebrated Independence Day 2016 by hiking this infrequently-traveled route: Stephanie, Dave P., Kris, Ron, Ken, Roy, Gordon, Kathy, Jane, Dave W. (the leader), Ryan S., Terry, Melody, Marissa, Ryan B. and Nikolai. We started the day by driving up Logan Canyon to the Bunchgrass Trail parking area. We left a "shuttle" vehicle there and drove everyone to Tony Grove and started on the trail about 9:15.

The hikers followed the White Pine Lake Trail (025), crossing the main fork of Bunchgrass creek after 1 1/4 miles and heading off-trail down the (lesser) north fork at mile 1.7. We followed animal trails for 3/4 mile before coming to our lunch spot, a large natural pond (presumably it dries up later in the summer). Stephanie treated everyone to her special Fourth-of-July dessert; little "flag" pies, red, white and blue with stars and stripes!

After lunch we continued our trek, following animal trails for nearly 2 more miles before joining the White Pine - Bunchgrass Trail (051) not far from Goring Pond. This area sees a lot of cattle later in the summer, so it was no surpise that we encountered biting flies here. The annoying flies and aftternoon heat disuaded us from lingering so we hiked straight out to our shuttle car at US-89.

Drivers of of the cars at Tony Grove rode back up in the "shuttle" car to pick up their vehicles, drove back down to the Bunchgrass trailhead and picked up their passengers for the ride back to Logan.

Trip Summary:

  • Drove 31 miles up Logan Canyon to the Bunchgrass trailhead and Tony Grove
  • Started hiking about 9:15
  • Lunch at a large natural pond, 10:50 - 11:30
  • Arrived at the Bunchgrass trailhead at 1:35
  • Returned to Bunchgrass trailhead at 2:10 after picking up the other cars from Tony Grove
  • Back in Logan at 3:50
  • Clear skies and calm, comfortable temperatures in the morning, becoming hotter in the afternoon
  • 6.3 miles with about 500 feet of ascent and 2300 feet of descent

Thanks to Dave W. for narrative, photos and GPS work.

Sixteen Cache Hikers
HIking through a meadow along the White Pine Lake trail
Clematis Bistort
Hairy clmatis (left) and American bistort in the meadow


Lunch at this large natural pond
Pie Butterfly
Stephanie's Fourth-of-July pie! Weidemeyer's Admiral



Following animal paths down Bunchgrass Creek



Wild hollyhock Tiny trumpet
Columbine Mimulus
Columbine Yellow monkey flower



The gate, not far from the trailhead This new sign at the trailhead doesn't look like it's up to the the usual Forest Service standard of quality


Our GPS track shows 6.3 miles with about 500 feet of ascent and 2300 feet of descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.