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Tony Grove to Bunchgrass, 1 October, 2016

Eight Cache Hikers enjoyed the brilliant colors on this favorite fall hike; Harry, Dave P., Kathy, Denis, Jane, Nikolai, Stephanie and the leader, Dave W. We traveled up Logan Canyon in three cars, leaving one "shuttle" car at the Bunchgrass parking area and riding in the other two cars to Tony Grove (where we were pleased to find "free parking"). There was light rain and a little hail about a half hour after starting out but it did not last long. After another half hour the rain gear went back in our packs, where it stayed for the rest of the hike.

We usually scheduled this hike for the second week in October, but this year we moved to an earlier date to take better advantage of the fall colors, and we were not disappointed. Usually aspen leaves turn golden yellow, so we were pleasantly surprised to see a large number of red and orange-colored aspen trees as we hiked on the White Pine Lake Trail (#025). Denis investigated a large hornet nest in a sagebrush but he quickly retreated as large black wasps came out to defend their home.

When we arrived at the junction with the White Pine - Bunchgrass Canyon Trail (#051), Stephanie, Denis and Nikolai took a side trip one half-mile east to visit White Pine Lake (they caught up with the group at our lunch spot in a large sagebrush meadow along White Pine Creek). After lunch we hiked east down the trail, then south as it cut across the terrain toward Bunchgrass Creek, arriving at US-89 about 3:15. Four hikers waited there under threatening skies while the others drove back to Tony Grove to retrieve their vehicles. Fortunately the rain held off until we all were in cars riding back to Logan.

It was time for the cattle to come down from the mountain, as evidenced by signs in Logan Canyon warning of "Cattle Trailing". However, we still saw plenty of cows (and a dead cow in Goring Pond), and there were many false trails (cow paths) which could confuse those unfamiliar with the trail.

Trip Summary:

  • Drove 30 miles up Logan Canyon to Bunchgrass Creek and Tony Grove
  • Start hiking about 9:10, with lunch from 12:15-12:45
  • Arrived at the Bunchgrass parking area on US-89 at 3:10
  • Drivers returned from Tony Grove at 3:50 to pick up the remaining hikers
  • Back in Logan at 4:20
  • Overcast and light rain, changing to partly sunny and pleasant
  • Hiked 10.4 miles with 1000 feet of ascent and 2700 feet of descent

Thanks to Dave W. for narrative, photos and GPS work and Dave P. for photos.

Trail sign

Near the start of our hike


Rain showers heading our way



Bald-faced hornet and nest
White Pine Lake
Gog Lunch
Looking over White Pine Creek toward Mt. Gog Lunch in a meadow near White Pine Creek



Unusual red/orange aspen trees

Fall colors
Colorful t rail

Along the White Pine - Bunchgrass Canyon Trail amid the bright colors of fall

Looking west toward upper Bunchgrass Creek
Leaves Gole
A carpet of leaves covered the trail Surrounded by golden aspens
Hiking through the leaves Fall colors
A great hike!
A leafy trail through the aspens
More fall colors An improvised bridge along Bunchgrass Creek


Cow near White Pine Lake Dead cow in Goring Pond
GPS track showed 10.4 miles with 1000 feet of ascent and 2700 feet of descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.