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Card Canyon East, Trail Maintenance, 2015

Cache Hikers worked on the Card Canyon East trail in previous years. We had officially "adopted" the trail, and by mid-summer of 2014 we had brushed a total of 1.3 miles of trail. About this time we learned that the Forest Service was planning a controlled burn for the area between Card Canyon East and Card Canyon West. This means our brushing effort would be duplicated when Forest Service crews cleared the trail corridor as a fire break. For this reason, we decided to stop our activity on this trail until the Forest Service was done with their burn project

Although we did not do brushing on Card Canyon East since July 2014, Jane and Dave hiked the trail on 28 October 2015 to see how much work the Forest Service had done. We found the trail corridor had been cleared of dead wood, snags and brush, from the archery range to the standing rock, a distance of about 2 1/4 miles. We encountered two Forest Service workers in the process "snagging" along the 0.8 miles section from the standing rock and the Logan Peak Road, but this section had not been "brushed".

Sign vandalism has been an ongoing problem on this trail..

Trail Notes: It was a pleasure walking this trail now that the Forest Service has brushed most of it. This should allow us to focus on specific trail improvements in the future, like minor trail realignment at trouble spots between the standing rock and the pond.

Thanks to Dave W for narrative and photos.



Lower trailhead with broken Carsonite sign Upper trailhead with missing wood sign



Upper trailhead wood sign, 2013 Upper trailhead missing sign, 2015
Tree Snagging
Leaning tree over the trail Forest Service workers cutting it down ("snagging")