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Cherry Peak, 30 July, 2017

Three hikers met at 8am for a hike to Cherry Peak: Denis, Isaac and Dan the leader. We were surprised that no one else showed up, but we had two cars and so were able to do it as planned. We dropped one car at Cherry Peak Resort and drove to the high creek trailhead. We started hiking about 9:20am. The first part of the trail is wide and gently sloping as if it was once a road. We crossed five bridges in the first two miles. As we came to the beaver ponds we met a group of women (many of them regulars with the Cache Hikers) who had spent the night in the mountains. A large dark cloud floated above Cherry Peak to our south. We worried that we would not be able to complete the hike due to the threat of lightning. Luckily the cloud passed. The wildflowers were spectacular. Climbing steadily, we came to the waterfall and stopped for a break, then continued on.

At about 12:30 and after five miles of hiking we reached High Creek Lake and had lunch. Issac set up his hammock and relaxed as we rested. After half an hour's rest we continued up to the saddle and further to Cherry Peak, reaching the top at about 2pm. Here we had great views of surrounding peaks, Naomi, Elmer, Logan, Doubletop, etc. From here we followed the ridge to the southwest, although sharp rocks made for uncomfortable hiking.

Coming back onto the trail we dropped in to the very scenic Cherry Creek Canyon. The trail descends steeply passing large trees and a picturesque waterfall. Another hiker pointed out a small rattlesnake just off the trail. As we got closer to the bottom we marveled at the verdant forest and soothing sound of the stream. The trail brought us to the resort and one of our cars. The time was about 5:30pm. Dan waited here while the others retrieved the second car. We did this in order to give a little more clearance on the rocky road to High Creek trailhead.

Trip Summary:

  • Participants: Denis, Isaac and Dan (leader)
  • Left cars at the Cherry Peak trailhead on the way to the High Creek trailhead (29 miles)
  • Started hiking at 9:20 a.m.
  • Lunch at High Creek Lake, 12:30
  • Arrived Cherry Peak, 2:00
  • Arrived at the Cherry Peak trailhead, 5:30 and Logan by 6:30
  • Clear skies
  • About 12.6 miles with 3700 feet of ascent

Thanks to Dan for the narrative and photos.

On the High Creek Trail with Cherry Peak in the background

High Creek Lake

Lunch at High Creek Lake



Resting at High Creek Lake

Saddle above High Creek Lake
Approaching Cherry Peak



On Cherry Peak Naomi Peak

Cherry Creek Waterfall

This map from 2016 shows our route

You can look at our2016 route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.