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City Creek Hike, 30 May, 2015

Ten Cache Hikers participated in this Saturday hike: Dan, Terry, Denis, Ryan, Chris, Ron, Dave W, Jane, Dave P, and Nick, the hike leader.

City Creek trail just east of Richmond begins as a farm track over open fields but soon enters a low elevation maple and aspen forest where the trail forks. We took the right fork trail and climbed at a steep grade crossing the fast-running creek frequently. We reached an old mining camp littered with rusty equipment after 3 miles and took a welcome snack break. Following our last creek crossing, we entered a cool, dense evergreen forest that blankets the north facing slope of the upper canyon. Another mile took us to an open meadow and level ground, with just a short walk to our destination lookout point and lunch.

While enjoying lunch, to the southeast we could see the Seven Sisters, Mount Elmer and Old Flat Top still covered in snow, and to the west the whole Cache Valley. Wildflowers along the trail included arrowleaf and big leaf balsamroot, little sunflower, chokecherry, waterleaf, glacier lily, rock cress, sego lily and lupine, and we also encountered a large gopher snake. We followed the same trail back and reached the vehicles at 3:30. Overall, the perfect early season hike for a sunny day.

Trip Summary:

  • Drove 14 miles to the City Creek parking area
  • On the trail at 9:00
  • Lunch overlooking Cache Valley, 12:15 to 1:10
  • Back at the trailhead at 3:30 and Logan about 4:00
  • Clear skies and calm
  • 7.3 miles and 2700 feet of elevation gain

Thanks to Nick for the narrative, Dave P and Dan for photos and Dave W for photos and the GPS work



"Walk-in Access", courtesy of local landowners and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Hiking east toward City Creek Canyon



One of many creek crossings Old mining equipment
Lunch with a view
Looking southeast toward Mt. Elmer, Mt. Jardine and Flat Top


Nick pointing out nearby features


Glacier lily

Sego lily Glacier lily
uLupine Horse
Lupine A "friendly" horse met us at the trailhead
Our GPS track shows 7.3 miles and 2700 feet of elevation gain

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps