Crimson Trail, June 29, 2014

Led by Dave W., twelve Cache Hikers enjoyed great weather and spectacular views along the Crimson Trail: Dave P., Lorri, Jane, Alex, Stephanie T., Roddy, Ron F., Kris, Jerry, Allie and Jim. We started out from the trailhead near campsite 29 in the Guinavah Campground and huffed and puffed as we climbed the switchbacks up to the top of the cliffs of the China Wall. Hiking got a bit easier as we moderated our hiking pace and made a series of stops along the way. Two hikers left the group to hike west toward Spring Hollow on the Riverside Nature Trail (we kept in touch via walkie talkie radio).

About 10:30 we stopped for a break at a spot overlooking Spring Hollow. Dave W. and a few others dug up invasive myrtle spurge plants that are found here (he hopes to control this plant before it becomes a big problem like it has along the Wasatch Front). We resumed our hike along the top of the cliffs and down the switchbacks into Spring Hollow. On the way down we met the two hikers that had hiked west on the Riverside Nature Trail and we all returned to Guinavah via the Riverside Nature trail.

We saw two snakes as we hiked - a rubber boa near the Crimson Trail/Spring Hollow junction and a baby rattlesnake along the Riverside Nature Trail. In spite of previous efforts to control it here, a poison ivy plant is growing not far from the Spring Hollow junction.

Trip summary:

(Thanks to Dave W. for the narrative, Alex for the GPS work and Jane and Alex for photos)


At the trailhead, near campsite 29 in Guinavah Campground


Hiking above the cliffs


Broomrape (a parasitic plant)


Enjoying the view over Spring Hollow and Third Dam

Rubber boa
A rubber boa warming itself near the trail

Spurge 2014
We found - and pulled - 125 young myrtle spurge plants

GPS track

Our GPS track shows 5 miles. The elevation profile shows the steep section along the first mile above Guinavah and the more moderate section descending into Spring Hollow..

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps.