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Curtis Ridge, 24 August, 2019

Seven hikers explored a hike new to Cache hikers on Saturday, Curtis Ridge, above Hardware Ranch: Denis, Dave P., Dave W., Jane, Gordon, Jim and  Bree (leader).

We met at the Smiths Marketplace and arranged carpools. We were on the road headed for Blacksmith Fork Canyon at 8:05. It was a 45 minute drive to the parking lot at Hardware Ranch, including a short wait for a few Top of Utah Half Marathon runners.

The trail head took off from the parking area and curved around the hillside to an overlook where we could see a good sized beaver dam. The trail then crossed a wooden footbridge to an old camping spot and followed an old road, now closed to motorized vehicles. The path continued along Curtis Creek but after crossing the stream on a metal footbridge the trail headed up Dry Curtis Creek, leaving the water for the rest of the hike.  At a 'Y' junction we decided to take a side trip to the left and up a steep section of trail.  After climbing to a viewpoint on lower Curtis Ridge we looked over Hardware Ranch to the peaks of the Bear River Range.  We returned to the junction, where Dave W. and Jane left the hike to attend a family event.

The five remaining hikers took the right at the 'Y', leading to Elbow Springs. There is a water trough for cows, but we think the actual spring is inside the private fence we were following. The trail then wound around, making a great loop that ended at the Hardware Ranch visitor center. Along the way we stopped under a juniper tree for lunch at 11:30-12:00, made it back to the cars at 12:45 and Logan at 1:35.

Trip Summary:

  • Participants:  Denis, Dave P., Dave W., Jane, Gordon, Jim, Bree (leader) and Mowgli (dog)
  • Drove 24 scenic miles to Hardware Ranch in Blacksmith Fork Canyon
  • Started hiking about 9:00, lunch 11:30 to 12:00, back to our cars at 12:45 and Logan at 1:35.
  • Pleasant temperatures, calm winds and clear skies
  • Hiked about 5 1/2 miles with 1200 feet of ascent and descent

Thanks to Bree for the narrative, Bree, Dave W., Dave P. and Jane for photos and Bree and Dave W. for GPS data


Near the beginning of our hike, above a beaver pond on Curtis Creek
Crossing Curtis Creek before heading up Dry Curtis Creek
 Curtis Ridge
Enjoying the view from lower Curtis Ridge
 Water trough
Elbow Spring supplied water for these troughs


We hiked on public (State of Utah) land but Elbow Spring spring was on private land

Enjoying lunch in the shade under a juniper tree
Hardware Ranch
 Approaching Hardware Ranch near the end of our hike
Our GPS track shows about 5 1/2 miles and 1200 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.