Curtis Ridge, 22 May, 2022

Twelve hikers and a dog enjoyed a hike with unparalleled views of distant snowy peaks, the bounteous green of spring, and a good helping of wildflowers. The route set off from near Hardware Ranch and followed Curtis Creek for about half a mile before crossing it on a sturdy metal bridge. It then climbed up a winding path to Curtis Ridge, where the views in every direction were spectacular. Finally it ended at a spring and a small pond.

After an early lunch near the pond we took a short walk up a nearby slope to look into Dry Curtis Creek, an impressive drainage that would have been useful for a loop hike if there had been a good trail down into it.

The wind came up after lunch and made it a bit chilly, especially in the exposed areas, but the sun came out from the clouds periodically and let us warm up a bit.

On the return trip one hiker found another trail that left the two-track we had been following and joined it again farther down.

There were a few moderately wet areas on the trail but the rest was dry and easy to travel. We never saw any people except near the camping area where the route started and ended.

Trip Summary:
  • Twelve hikers: April, Susan, Young, Teresa, Dave P., Kathy, Jane E., Ralph, Joan, Jane P., Jo, Laurel (leader), and Zinnia the dog.
  • Parked at the ATV parking area just past Hardware Ranch and walked a short section of dirt road until we reached Curtis Creek.
  • Started hiking around 9:00, had an early lunch at the spring around 11:10 and ventured to the viewpoint into Dry Curtis Creek, started hiking back around 11:45, made it back to the cars by 1:25, and back to Logan around 2:10.
  • Pleasantly cool temperatures, mostly in the 40s and 50s, mostly sunny but with a few clouds and a cool breeze at times.
  • Hiked about 6.7 miles on an out-and-back route to a spring on Curtis Ridge, with about 1200 feet of elevation gain.
Thanks to Laurel for the narrative and photos, Jo, Young, Jane, and Susan for photos and Ralph for photos and GPS data.

At the start of the hike

Crossing Curtis Creek

Pointing out distant peaks

Hiking up the Curtis Ridge with great views all around

  Our destination, a spring-fed stock pond
The spring

Lunch near the spring
Dry Curtis Creek, as seen from a spot near the spring

Enjoying the view while hiking back down the trail

Bluebells, Mertensia
Redstem Filaree or Storksbill, Erodium cicutarium

Milkvetch, Astragalus
Oregon Grape, Mahonia repens

Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Balsamorhiza sagittata
Golden Currant, Ribes aureum

Purple mustard (maybe Rockcress, Arabis)

Wild Onion, Allium
Larkspur, Delphinium

Mountain Desert Parsley, Lomatium grayii
Indian Paintbrush, Castilleja

Nine-leaf Biscuitroot, Lomatium triternatum
Happy hikers

Our GPS track shows about 6.7 miles and 1200 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.