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Ephraim's Grave, 11 October, 2015

We stop hiking when the general deer hunting season starts, so this event was intended to be the last scheduled Cache Hiker activity of the 2015 season. Our route would include more than 2 miles on backcountry roads, so we hoped the Sunday date would mean less vehicle traffic. Dave W was the substitute leader since Jim would be out of town.

Cattle and trail users had obscured switchbacks where the Ephraim's Cutoff Trail comes down to the Long Hollow road, so Dave drove to Ephraims Grave a few days earlier and hiked up the trail to make GPS waypoints (see below).

On Sunday morning, Dave W. went to our usual meeting place, but nobody came! Perhaps people are tired of hiking this late in the fall, they may have been intimidated by this strenuous and long hike (12 miles with 2500 feet elevation gain), or they may not have know about it since the Herald Journal failed to list the activity in Friday's newspaper.

Trail Notes: The switchbacks on Ephraims Cutoff Trail could use some brushing work to encourage hikers to stay on the right path.

Thanks for to Dave W for the narrative and GPS work


Aerial view of a confusing switchback on Ephraims Cutoff Trail (with Dave's GPS waypoint)

You can also look using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps