Green Canyon to Mt. Elmer, September 21, 2013

Seven Cache hikers drove two high clearance vehicles about 4 miles up the Green Canyon jeep road to the Mt. Elmer trailhead. Denis, Caroline, Susan (trip leader), Jane, Terry, Dave W., and Dave P. began the hike a few minutes before 9 am.  The temperature at the start was cool to cold (depending on your constitution!). Within two miles, at the Naomi Wilderness boundary, we were in the sun and temperatures in the 70s prevailed for the rest of the day. The day was sunny with bright blue skies. A  stiff breeze was blowing, particularly as we climbed out of Green Canyon to the ridge and Mt. Elmer peak. 

Brilliant orange Mountain Ash berries, dark purple Chokecherry berries (edible), dusky purple Elderberry berries (edible), brilliant red Rose hips (edible), and white Mountain snowberry berries were in abundance along the lower and mid-elevation parts of the trail.

We ate lunch at the saddle below Mt. Elmer peak.  Spectacular views of Flat Top Mountain and the Cache Valley directly to the west competed with views of the Bear Range and the Bear Lake basin to the east.  After lunch, we continued across a steep scree slope and scrambled up to Mt. Elmer peak.  More amazing views awaited us. The Uinta Mountains could be seen far off to the south while stiff winds were kicking up dust from the west desert creating hazy conditions to the west. 

Patches of Big-tooth maple and aspen were beginning to change to their fall colors of orange and yellow, respectively.

Trip summary:

(Thanks to Susan for the trip narrative and Dave for the photos and GPS track..)

At the
At the Wilderness boundary, 2 miles into our hike

Overlooking Cottonwood Canyon South Fork
Looking at Mt. Elmer
Looking at Mt. Elmer from our ridge lunch spot -  we traversed the talus slope under the cliffs, then up to the top

Climbing Elmer
Climbing the slope up to Mt. Elmer, with our lunch spot, Mt. Jardine and Flattop Mountain in the background
Elmer top
On top of Mt.Elmer, with Cherry Peak and Mt. Naomi in the background

The changing colors of autumn

        Canyon to Mt. Elmer GPS track

This is a topographic map showing our GPS track

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