Jardine Juniper, October 12,  2013

Eight Cache Hikers went on this Jardine Juniper hike:  LeVae, Kip, Terry, Denis, Joe, Gordon, Dave P. and Jim, the hike leader. 

The group started out from the nearly empty parking area at the Wood Camp trailhead under cold temperatures and overcast skies, but dissipating clouds and brisk walking soon caused the hikers to shed extra layers of clothing.  There were plenty of awe inspiring fall colors with spectacular views of snow-covered Logan Peak and Mount Elmer in the background.

The hikers arrived a the old juniper before noon and enjoyed lunch while basking under the warm sun, a welcome change after the chilly morning.   The hike back through the shady route was a sea of colors, with gold, orange and red from aspens, thimbleberry and mountain ash contrasting with the dark green of conifers, mountain lover and Oregon grape.  Dave P. used acid to demonstrate the difference between trailside travertine and other types of limestone.  Plenty of photo opportunities with sunny skies and warm temperatures accompanied the hikers as they walked the rest of the way back to the trailhead.  

Others users were on the trail to take advantage of this fine fall weather, including mountain bikers, trail runners, and boy scouts on an overnight camping trip.  The elk hunting season was in progress so several hikers wore "hunter orange" for extra safety. 

Trip summary:
(Thanks to Jim for the trip description and photos.)

Jardine Juniper
The Jardine Juniper, a 1500-year old Rocky Mountain juniper tree

At the
At the nearby viewing platform

Elmer view
Looking northward towards a snowy Mt. Elmer

At the Wilderness sign, where a trail branch heads north toward Cottonwood Canyon and Tony Grove