Leatham Hollow, 28 January, 2024

Twelve people, all in snowshoes, went on this trip to Leatham Hollow.  This was the first time the group had done this hike in the winter.  Alex, Bree, Brent J, Brent L, Darcie, Dave P, Dave W, David, Jane, Kathy, Laurel, and Ralph (Leader).  After introductions at the Smith’s parking lot on main street, we split up and carpooled 15 miles, through Blacksmith Fork Canyon, to Left Hand fork and the winter parking lot. 

Unseasonably warm weather the previous week resulted in a muddy versus the normal snowy parking lot.  We briefly discussed the avalanche dangers, which were much improved from the previous couple of weekends.  We started out about 10:45 under sunny skies and hiked about 0.3 miles to the Leatham Hollow Trailhead.  That was the easy part.  After a group picture at the trailhead, we headed up the Leatham Hollow Trail.

The first half-mile of the trail was packed well from previous hikers and snowshoers.  After that point we broke the trail, making for a much more strenuous trek up the hollow.  The trail followed a snow-covered stream bed with views of snowy and craggy cliffs along both sides. We took breaks along the way to rest and enjoy the winter scenery.  Along the way we observed deer and moose tracks, and eventually an area where there had been a recent avalanche. 

We reached Leatham Hollow Spring about 12:10 after a strenuous trek through the unpacked snow.  We decided to stop for lunch rather than continuing to the switchbacks a little further up the trail.  Between the 1000 feet of ascent and the soft snow most were ready to eat and head back down.  After lunch a few of us went up a short distance to the switchbacks and then returned to the group.  We headed back down at a much-improved pace and arrived at the parking lot at about 1:45. On the way down we saw two snowshoers (Rose and a friend) who were thankful we had packed the trail for them.

Trip Summary:
  •     12 participants: Alex, Bree, Brent J, Brent L, Darcie, Dave P, Dave W, David, Jane, Kathy, Laurel, and Ralph (Leader).
  •     Drove 15 miles to the Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork Canyon winter parking lot.
  •     Sunny and cool
  •     Hiked about 3.8 miles with 1100 feet of elevation gain.

Thanks to Ralph for the narrative, photos, and GPS data and Dave W., Dave P. and Jane for photos.

The Left Hand Fork parking area, looking south
Looking north, up the Left Hand Fork, from the parking area
A sunny trailhead, 0.4 miles from the parking area

Cache Hikers at the Leatham Hollow trailhead

Looking up Leatham Hollow, with cliffs on each side

Snowshoeing on the Leatham Hollow trail
That layer is the Leatham Formation
Avalanche debris by the trail

The Leatham Hollow Spring
A standing rock not far from the spring

Lunch near the spring

Our GPS track shows about 3.8 miles and 1100 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.