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Limber Pine Ski/Snowshoe, 24 January 2015

On Saturday the Cache Hikers set out for an easy snowshoe outing on the Limber Pine Trail. We departed the Smith's parking lot at 10:15 am with a sizable group, parking along US 89 near the Sinks Road after finding an unplowed parking area at the Limber Pine trailhead. Three more more Hikers joined us there, for a grand total of 23: Brent, LaVae, Lynn, Kip, Carol J., Tim, Jeanne, Dave P.(on skis), Kathy, Robin, Dave W., Jane, Gordon, Carol K., Betty (on skis), Terry, Monika, Joli, Reed, Hazel (only two and a half years old), Kristen, Alex, and Stephanie T.

A shorter snowshoe adventure than most, we still had a great time enjoying the snow and lunching near the old Limber Pine. A few adventurers opted to break trail and explore the nearby ridge (where Alex and Monika spotted a snowshoe hare), while the majority of the group continued along the trail looping back to the parking area passing one of the best views of Bear Lake on the way. As mentioned, it's a short snowshoe--so a few of us had another go-around and did the loop one more time just for fun. The adventurous trail-breakers returned not long after we'd finished the second loop, and we all returned to Smith's by 3:15pm.

Trip Summary:

  • On the trail about 11:15 after a 33-mile drive to Bear Lake Summit
  • Partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures, with breezy conditions on the ridge
  • Lunch near the Limber Pine, about 11:45 to 12:15
  • SIx Cache Hikers arrived at a high point overlooking Middle Sink, about 1:00
  • Everyone was back at the trailhead by 2:15 and Logan by 3:15
  • Totals for three groups (including the short walk along Highway 89)
    • 1.6 miles and 100 feet of elevation for the single loop hikers
    • 3.2 miles and 200 feet of elevation for the double loop hikers
    • 2.8 miles and 400 feet of elevation for the ridge hikers

Thanks to Stephanie T for the narrative and photos, Dave P for photos and Dave W for photos and the GPS work

Trailhead 3 snowshoers
No parking here at the trailhead!

Three happy snowshoers


Lunchtime near the Limber Pine

Limber PIne

At the Limber Pine

Snowy trail

Bear Lake

Fresh tracks in the snow Returning on back half of the Limber Pine loop trail

Mountain Mahogoany

Going through mountain mahogany trees
Middle Sink
Looking northwest from the windy ridge overlooking Middle Sink
Bear Lake
A great view of Bear Lake in the northeast

GPS track

Our GPS track showed a total of 2.8 miles and 400 feet elevation for the "ridge" group

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps