Limber Pine, 28 September, 2019

We had planned a long hike amid colorful fall foliage, from Tony Grove Lake to the Tony Grove Winter Trailhead via Bunchgrass Creek.  However, a major storm arrived in Northern Utah and nobody was interested in a 12-mile slog through the rain and mud (snow was not expected until later in the day).  After a short discussion in the parking lot at our usual meeting place, we decided to hike the Limber Pine Trail instead. 

After arranging carpools, we drove
up Logan Canyon, admiring the fall colors along the way.  We arrived at the Limber Pine Trailhead about 9:00, just as the rain intensified.  Fortunately everyone was prepared for wet hiking and we got underway without delay.  We took note of the recently restored interpretive signs along the trail, thanks to the Yellowstone to Uintas Connection

When we got to the famous limber pine we briefly considered heading up to a viewpoint on the ridge, but nearby thunder dissuaded us from that notion.  Instead, we continued on the trail, keeping safely away from high exposed places.  We were back at the trailhead at 10:00, a short hike, indeed.

On the way down the canyon we stopped at the Tony Grove Winter Trailhead to look at the improvements to the Bunchgrass trail, since our originally planned hike would have ended there.  We found a newly-built, rough-but-walkable trail, leading from the parking area to Tony Grove Creek near Lewis Turner Campground. It featured two new footbridges and several gates to keep the cows in line (cattle were still in the area although the fall roundup appeared to be getting underway). On our way back to the parking area we detoured through a meadow to see the Snotel weather station and stopped to look at the historic Tony Grove Ranger Station.

After arriving at Logan most of the hikers (and a few others) met for lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant - a fine ending to our last scheduled hike of the season!

Trip Summary:
  • Six participants:  Kathy, Dave P., Jane, Susan, Brent and Dave W. (leader)
  • Drove 33 miles to the Limber Pine Trailhead
  • Hiked the Limber Pine Trail, 9:00 to 10:00, the new trailhead Bunchgrass trailhead 10:15 to 11:00, and back in Logan about noon. 
  • Rain of varying intensity, with short rain-free periods
  • Total hiking was 2.8 miles and 250 feet of ascent

Thanks to Jane for photos and Dave W. for the narrative, photos and GPS data.

Ready to hike the Limber Pine Trail
Overview Interpretive sign
Looking west, over Sink Hollow A rainy stop at a trailside interpretive sign
Wet hikers With flash
Flash photography may improve the lighting, but raindrop reflections can get in the way (right)
Limber Pine
The barrier is intended to keep people from disturbing the famous limber pine
Lakeview Bear Lake 2014
On a clear day, you can see Bear Lake (January 2014, right)
Parking Bridge
The parking area at Tony Grove Winter Trailhead has
been enlarged
A new footbridge over Tony Grove Creek near
Lewis Turner Campground
Weather station
The Snotel weather station near Tony Grove Ranger Station (during a short rain-free period)
Ranger Station
The historic Tony Grove Ranger Station
                        Pine map
Bungrass TH map
  • GPS tracks show about 1.4 miles for Limber Pine and 1.4 miles for Bunchgrass Trailhead, a total of 2.8 miles.
  • We gained about 125 feet at Limber Pine and Bunchgrass Trailhead for a total ascent of 250 feet
  • Download our Google Earth files (Limber Pine or Bunchgrass) or GPS files (Limber Pine or Bunchgrass).