Limber Pine Ski/Snowshoe, January 4, 2014

Nineteen Cache Hikers took advantage of the great weather for this first activity of 2014. Kip, LaVae, Alex, Stephanie T., Betty, Jane, Monika, Jim, Jeanne, Tim, Gordon, Deanne, Pam, Carol and Stephanie G. used snowshoes, while Dave W., Dave P., Christine, and Cindy were on skis.

We organized carpools at the parking lot and headed off for the 30-mile trip up Logan Canyon. The parking area at the Limber Pine trailhead was unplowed, but there was room for our cars in the plowed pull-off area near the Sinks Road. It was windy and cold here, so we were pleased to find more pleasant conditions in the sheltered terrain along the trail. The track had been packed by previous snowshoers and was covered with a light layer of new snow. It was easy to follow, although we would sink into the soft snow when we strayed off the path. Before long we arrived at the famous Limber Pine tree, where we enjoyed our lunch break and took some group photos. After lunch, we continued on the loop trail, where we were treated to a great view of Bear Lake in the distance. Two snowshoers decided to take another trip around the loop trail while the rest returned to Logan.

Trip Summary:

Thanks to Dave W. for photos and text.

 Limber Pine Trailhead

Starting out at the Limber Pine trailhead

Limber Pine sun
A windy view from the ridge

Limber Pine view
Cache Hikers at the Limber Pine

Bear Lake View
Bear Lake in the distance

Limber Pine GPS track
Our GPS track showed 1.6 miles with 145 feet of climbing

Click here for a Google Maps aerial view of our route, or here for a Google Earth view