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Logan Canyon Hike, 11 May 2019

For the first Cache Hikers event of the season we wanted a moderate hike that avoided the mud and snow at higher elevations. This lower Logan Canyon hike met these criteria while providing an opportunity to experience a creative route over several different trails.

Twelve Cache Hikers gathered at our Smith's meeting place and carpooled to Canyon Entrance Park (First Dam), where we met our 13th participant. We started out by crossing Canyon Road and walking through the pedestrian underpass beneath US-89. From here, we hiked on five different trails as we traveled up Logan Canyon:

  • 0.8 miles from First Dam Park to the Highline Trail via the Gateway Trail
  • 0.8 miles to the end of the Highline Trail, then 0.2 miles along US-89 to the Red Bridge trailhead and the River Trail
  • 1.5 miles on the River Trail, past 2nd Dam, up switchbacks and past Bridger Campground
  • 0.9 miles on the Bridger Look Off Trail
  • 0.4 miles on the (still under construction) segment of the Spring Hollow Trail to the Group Site B of the Spring Hollow campground , then 0.3 miles to the parking area

A chilly down-canyon breeze encouraged us to walk briskly until we got to Red Bridge and the River Trail. Here we saw the threatened Maguires primrose blooming on the cliffs. We also encountered many runners and bike riders along this popular trail section. We saw more wildflowers as we hiked up the switchback section of the River Trail, including fairy bells, balsamroot, and more. Near Bridger campground we took the right fork to the Bridger Look Off trail, huffing and puffing as we ascended another 250 feet to a viewpoint overlooking Logan Canyon to the north and Mill Hollow and Logan Peak to the south. When we got to the junction where the Forest Service is building a new trail to connect with Spring Hollow, four of our hikers decided to continue up the old Spring Hollow trail (see the blue line on the topo map section, below). The rest of us followed the partially constructed new trail, observing with interest the result of trail building using a Sweco Trail Dozer.

We finally arrived at the Spring Hollow parking area where Jane's previously placed car was waiting. Jane took the drivers down to First Dam where they got into their own cars and drove back up to Spring Hollow to collect their passengers (we had to wait a bit before the last four hikers got back from their jaunt to the old Spring Hollow Trail).

Trip Summary:

  • 13 participants: Dave W (leader), Dave P, Jane E, Dan, Scott, Pat, Jane D, Bree, Jaren, Brent, Gordon, Tanya and Laurel
  • Drove 3 miles to Canyon Entrance Park (First Dam)
  • Started hiking at 8:25, arrived Spring Hollow campground at 11:25
  • Sunny skies, a chilly canyon breeze for the first hour, then pleasant hiking weather
  • Hiked 4.9 miles with 600 feet of ascent. Four hikers went another 1.7 miles with an additional 440 feet of ascent.
  • The extra hiking caused us to delay our return to Logan until 12:30

Thanks to Dave W for the narrative, Dave W, Jane E and Dan for photos, and Dave W and Dan for the GPS work. .

Cache Hikers at Mill Hollow
These hikers went 1.7 miles farther to a rocky area on the old Spring Hollow trail and back
Looking north from Spring Hollow, with the Crimson Trail visible on the right
The threatened Maguire's primrose only grows in lower Logan Canyon
Fairybells Arrowleaf balsamroot
Gray's lomatium

Indian paintbrush

Phlox Bluebells
Our GPS track shows 4.9 miles with miles with 600 feet of ascent. Four hikers (the blue line) went an additional 1.7 miles with another 440 feet of ascent.

You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file