Long Hollow Ski/Snowshoe, 19 February, 2023

After introductions at Smith's Marketplace, eight snowshoers and one split boarder made the journey to the Beaver Creek trailhead to find a large number of snowmobile trailers, but just enough spare parking for our needs. Skies were mostly sunny and blue, but breezy conditions made for some chilly moments before we started our climb up Long Hollow Ridge at about 10:40 am.

Five or more inches of fresh and fluffy overnight snow made the undulating snowmobile trails we followed slightly more bearable. The group took a circuitous route up the ridge - avoiding snowmobile trails when possible. At the 0.8 mile mark, with 450 feet of climbing behind us, the group stopped for a break, and to admire the views of Beaver Mountain and the ski runs to the south. We heard many snowmobiles off in the distance (most likely the Beaver Creek trails to the north) but had encountered only 2 or 3 sleds up until this point.

After the break, the group took a tree-filled route back up to the trail and continued our climb.  We met up with a lone snowshoer on his way down the trail, who shared his story of digging, unsuccessfully, for a lost cell phone from a few days earlier.  Following him was a duo of backcountry skiers on their way down the ridge. Around the same time, members of our group were able to successfully radio friends who were staying and skiing at the Steam Mill Yurt - about 3.5 miles away.

The group continued up the ridge to the 1.8 mile mark, and 1080 feet of elevation, where we decided that 12:45 p.m. was a good time for lunch.  Being on the exposed ridge gave beautiful views to both the north and south, but the breezy conditions (I'd estimate 10-15 mph) and blowing snow wasn't conducive to a comfortable lunch. The group dropped off the ridge to the south and instead enjoyed a quick lunch behind a group of trees which did a great job blocking the southwesterly winds.

After lunch the group retraced its steps back down the ridge. A few more uphill backcountry skiers, as well as a few motorized snow-bikes were encountered on the way down.

The group made it back to the trailhead at 2:30 p.m. and said their goodbyes before returning home. At least one carload stopped to admire a giant snowman on the way back to Logan.

Trip Summary:
  • 9 Cache Hikers: Brent, Dave P, David (leader), Eduardo, Shelly, Ophelia, Dave W, Jane, Eugene
  • Drove 28 miles to the crowded Sink Hollow Winter Trailhead near Beaver Creek in Logan Canyon
  • Started the hike about 10:40 a.m., with lunch around 12:45 p.m., and a return to the trailhead about 2:30 p.m.
  • Partly sunny skies with gusty winds from the southwest
  • Temperatures in the upper mid-to-upper 20s
  • 5-8 inches of fresh and light snow overnight
  • Our GPS track shows 3.5 miles with nearly 1100 feet of ascent and descent

Thanks to David for the narrative, photos, and GPS data, and Ophelia, Dave W and Jane for photos.

Cache Hikers at the Sink Hollow Trailhead

Ascending the Long Hollow ridge

Our lunch spot on the Long Hollow ridge

Beaver Mountain, viewed from the Long Hollow ridge

Descending the Long Hollow Ridge
Snowman near Red Banks campground

Our GPS track shows about 3.5 miles and 1100 feet of ascent and descent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.