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Spawn Creek Trail Maintenance, 17 June 2017

The first 2.3 miles of the lovely Spawn Creek Trail is now in excellent condition due to 55 hours of work by 12 volunteers, including 9 enthusiastic mountain bikers and 3 hardy hikers. In addition, a water diversion was accomplished further up the trail and the route was flagged as needed all the way to the Sinks Road (4.5 miles).

With logistics already planned out, participants worked early or late as their schedules permitted. The bog bridge built last year held up quite well, with a few other spots needing some drainage help. Invasive weeds were removed along the way. Brushing tasks were light for the first 1.9 miles worked on last year, then much heavier forging forward. Several fallen logs also were removed from the trail.

Spending the day on Spawn Creek had many rewards; the satisfaction of improving a fine trail for the public, excellent views of snow-capped peaks with beaver ponds and lush meadows in the foreground, observations of rushing waters, wildflowers, butterflies, fish, birds and beaver structures.

The trail east will require additional heavy brushing and logging before reaching the open area near the top, but the lower section is looking great!


  • Participants: Jane, Dave W., Dan, Neil, Brynne, Spencer, Paul, Chris, Austin, James, Reagan, David H.
  • Drove 19 miles to the Spawn Creek Trailhead, off the Temple Fork Road
  • Dark cloudy skies and cool temperatures warmed up and cleared up
  • Start and end times varied, everyone was back in Logan by 3:00 pm

Thanks to Jane for the narrative and photos, Dan for photos and Dave W. for photos and the GPS work.

Editors note: The Spawn Creek Trail promises to be a great hike or mountain bike ride, but it has been neglected for so long that parts are nearly impassible. The Cache Hikers have been working to restore it for several years and mountain bikers have joined the effort.


Good progress toward a well-maintained trail corridor


Diverting water from the trail Resting in a newly-cleared section


There still is a lot of clearing to do
Trailhead Beaver
The entrance to the Spawn Creek Trail a green metal gate, just to the right of Worm Fence ATV Trailhead (above) There is a lot of beaver activity on Spawn Creek



Butterflies in a boggy area

Arrowleaf balsamroot along the trail

Enjoying a pleasant walk down the Spawn Creek Trail

The trail has been cleared up to mile 2.3, water was diverted about mile 2.4

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.