Murray Trails Loop HIke, 26 September, 2021

Sixteen Cache Hikers enjoyed this fine fall excursion in the Wellsville Mountains.  We began our hike at the new Murray Farm trailhead, located at the west end of 800 South in Wellsville. Our route took us up the shady south side of Narrow Canyon to the main trail at the west end of the meadow.  We continued up the canyon, occasionally taking notice of "in progress" trail construction nearby (the Forest Service is involved in a long-term project to relocate the trail away from private property, as show here). 

The trail merged with a service road at the top of Narrow Canyon, where a trail sign pointed north toward Rattlesnake Canyon (but straight down to Narrow Canyon). We headed north on the road, and before long our route met the Wellsville Ridge Trail (this trail begins at the the Rattlesnake Trailhead on US-89).  Upon reaching the unsigned junction with Wide Canyon, we turned toward the east and a few minues later we were having an early lunch in a trailside meadow. After our "lunch" we continued down Wide Canyon, enjoying the great views and interesting observations along the way (like old "guzzlers" and Lake Bonneville shoreline features). 

This was a pleasant hike, not too strenuous or too long, with comfortable weather, great scenery, fall colors, and good company. We are grateful to the Murray family.
In 2005 the Murray family arranged for the sale of 603 acres of land to the Forest Service "to conserve open space, protect wildlife habitat, and secure future public access to the Wilderness area".  This land, covering the area east of the Wellsville Mountain Wilderness boundary in Wide Canyon and Narrow Canyon, has a new trailhead with a paved access road, plenty of parking and a restroom, and the Forest Service has begun to improve and realign the trails. 
Trip Summary:
  • 16 human participants and one dog: Dave P., Jane, Teresa, Laurel, Susan, Jim, Nancy, Ludger, April, Kamren, Christine, Deanna, Catherine, Keith, Brent, Dave W. (leader), and Jasper (dog)
  • Drove 12 miles to the new Murray Farms Trailhead, west on 800 South in Wellsville
  • Started hiking about 8:30, "brunch" 10:30 to 11:00, back at the trailhead about 12:35
  • Clear skies, calm winds and comfortable temperatures
  • Hiked about 4.8 miles with about 1400 feet of ascent and descent

Thanks to Dave W. for the narrative, photos and gps data and Jane for photos.

Cache Hikers in Narrow Canyon near the start of our hike
Road hikers
The sign at the top of Narrow Canyon
On the service road between Narrow and Wide canyons
The colors of fall, looking toward the south from road between Narrow Canyon and Wide Canyon
Our lunch spot near the top of Wide Canyon A grouse in a tree near the trail
Looking toward the east over Cache Valley from Wide Canyon
Heading down to the trailhead near the end of our hike

Our GPS track shows about 4.8 miles and 1400 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.