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Naomi Peak Hike, August 10, 2014

Five Cache Hikers participated in this event: Dave P, Nick, Jim K, Deanna and Dan (the leader). After arriving at Tony Grove, the group watched an osprey and a hawk interacting near the lake before heading up on the Mt. Naomi Peak National Recreation Trail. Along the way they saw large numbers of birds including bluebirds, hummingbirds, Clark's nutcrackers, juncos, and chickadees.

After a lunch break enjoying the views from Naomi Peak, the group decided to climb Mt. Magog instead of continuing on to Cherry Peak as originally planned. They attempted to follow an old trail back toward Magog, but much of the old trail had disappeared. Instead, they headed off-trail along a ridge.

Trip Summary:

  • Arrived Tony Grove trailhead at about 9am
  • Estimated 7 miles of hiking with more than 2000 feet of climbing
  • Returned to Logan about 4:00 pm

Thanks to Dan for the narrative and photos and Dave P for photos

Hikers and Naomi

Cache Hikers and Naomi Peak




Mt. Magog




At the wilderness boundary

On the ridge