Richards Hollow Trail, July 6, 2014

Thirteen experienced and well-equipped hikers completed the Richards Hollow hike: Denis, Dave P., Kathy C., Ron F.Number 1, Kris, Ron F. Number 2, Norma, Christine, Roddy, Keenan, Keith, Susan, and Catherine, the hike leader.

We started out from the nearly empty parking area at the Richards Hollow trailhead under very July-like temperatures and sunny skies. The Sunday after the 4th of July proved a good date for this hike, since holiday recreationists had for the most part cleared out of Blacksmith Fork Canyon. Surprisingly, we encountered only 4 dirt bikers, just a few hikers/groups, and perhaps a single mountain biker. From the trailhead, we quickly spread out based upon desired hiking pace.

A few times, those in the front stopped to wait for the rest to catch up. But a couple miles in, a plan was made so everyone could hike at his or her own speed yet we could still all have lunch together before then heading back to the trailhead to arrive back in Logan before 5:00. The front folks agreed to turn around at 12:15 (regardless of location) and collect the group members they encountered heading their way. Despite the heat, the fastest and most determined amongst the group hiked an estimated 14 miles, turning around on the ridge. We ended up assembling at the bridge at the "elbow" (incidentally the 5 mile mark) and made it back to Logan at 4:00.

The trail was indeed scenic, with a waterfall, meadows, beaver dams, and a few little stream crossings (of course a bigger deal earlier in the season). One of the most pleasant aspects of this hike (especially in the summer) is how frequently treed the trail is between the open meadows. In addition to relief from the sun, having forests in addition to meadows provided for wide variation in wildflower species. American Vetch, Sticky Geranium, Paintbrush, Buttercup, Columbine, and Scarlet Gilia were among some we saw.

(Thanks to Catherine for the narrative, and Catherine and Dave P for photos)


Richards Hollow Hikers


A big tree in Richards Hollow


Another hiker photo

Indian Paintbrush

Indian paintbrush


White Fir

White Fir