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Richards Hollow, 24 June, 2018

Ten hikers and one dog set out on a pleasantly cool morning to hike up Richard’s Hollow. We decided to keep things interesting by turning off from the Richards Hollow trail after about 2.2 miles and doing a loop down Cart Hollow and up Seep Hollow, then coming back down Richards Hollow.

We started hiking around 9:00 under sunny skies, with frequent stops to enjoy the wildflowers, as well as the waterfall about 1.3 miles up the trail. At 2.2 miles we turned east and took an unsigned trail that climbed briefly and then passed by a double sinkhole before dropping into Cart Hollow.

At the bottom of Cart Hollow we walked the Herd Hollow road for about 100 yards and then started up Seep Hollow. After lunch in the shade, two hikers and the dog left the group to return to the cars via the Herd Hollow and Left Hand Fork roads. The rest of the hikers continued on up the trail, which left Seep Hollow after about half a mile and made its way up to Banjo Spring. From Banjo Spring we followed an old trail south that rejoined the Cart Hollow Trail near the sinkholes. This trail was pretty overgrown but still usable. An alternate route would have continued west from Banjo Spring on the newer trail segment and rejoined the Cart Hollow trail farther up.

We made it back to the trailhead around 3:45 and back to Logan around an hour later.

Trip Summary:

  • Participants: Brent, Katie, Dave P., Kathy, Steve, Joel, Max (the dog), Laurel (the leader), Dave W., Jane, and Teresa
  • Drove up Left Hand Fork road about 3.7 miles to the Richard’s Hollow trailhead.
  • Started hiking around 9:00, had lunch from about 12:00 to 12:30, returned to the trailhead around 3:45, back to Logan around 4:45.
  • Sunny skies, only a slight breeze, and temperatures about ten degrees cooler than what might be expected this time of year.
  • Multiple GPS tracks showed slightly different mileage, but distance was more than 9 miles, with about 2700 feet of elevation gain.

Thanks to Laurel for the narrative, Dave W., Jane, Dave P. and Laurel for photos, and Dave W. for the GPS data.

A stony throne Richards Hollow waterfall

Resting in the shade near Cart Hollow trail junction
Sink hole along Cart Hollow Trail Banjo Spring
Lunch along Seep Hollow Trail
Checkermallow Hawksbeard
Thimbleberry Wild rose
Our GPS track shows 9.2 miles with 2700 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.