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Ricks Canyon/Steel Hollow Hike, October 12, 2014

Six Cache Hikers, Jim (the leader), Dave P., Dan, Jane, Fan and Liujun participated in this final activity of the season.

We woke to the sound of heavy rain and a forecast for valley rain and mountain snow for most of the day, raising the possibilty of a repeat performance of the Smithfield Canyon hike two weeks before (some joked that Jim's hikes may be attracting inclement weather).  However, the cold rainy weather in Logan gave way to partly sunny skies and much warmer weather as we hiked up Ricks Canyon.  The only snow we encountered were small patches along the road on the way to Steel Hollow. 

Most of the leaves had already fallen from the the trees but there were many patches of fall color to make for a scenic hike.  We hiked through an aspen forest with its golden leaves shimmering on the trees with a yellow brick road like path on the trail.  The broken cloud cover made for dramatic light on the Bear River Mountain high country. In Ricks Canyon we got good looks of a ruffed grouse in a tree and saw another one in Steel Hollow running around with its black neck ruff in full display.  We also managed to find some asters, Indian paintbrush, yarrow and a wallflower, still blooming despite the late fall conditions. 

Hiking conditions were surprisingly dry until we started hiking down Steel Hollow.  It was extremely muddy, forcing us to hike slightly off the trail to avoid the thick sticky mud.  However, we were rewarded with a beautiful overlook of Steel Hollow with the Bear River Mountain high country in the distance.  Overall the weather and trail conditions were much better than expected and everyone enjoyed this fine fall hike.

Trip Summary:

  • Started hiking about 8:50 from the Right Hand Fork Trailhead
  • Lunch near the top of Steel Hollow about 1:00
  • Arrived back at the Ricks Canyon trail junction at 2:50 and the trailhead about 3:40
  • Returned to Logan about 4:00
  • Estimated 11 miles with about 2200 feet of elevation gain

Thanks to Jim for the narrative and photos, with more photos by Jane and Dave P.

Right Hand Fork trailhead
Right Hand Fork trailhead
Right Hand Fork Grouse
Right Hand Fork maple trees Rick's Canyon grouse
Ricks Canyon aspen trees
North from Ricks Hollow
Looking north from Ricks Canyon toward Mt. Elmer and Naomi Peak
Aspen Leaves Steel Hollow
Aspen leaves carpeting the ground Steel Hollow trail junction
Steel Hollow wallflower
Looking west down Steel Hollow
Muddy trail
Lunch in Steel Hollow
Steel Hollow muddy trail
Ricks Steel loop
Our estimated route shows about 11 miles with 2200 feet of elevation gain