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Sink Hollow Nordic Ski, 22 February, 2015

Fearful of the high wind conditions in the area, three skiers (Dave W, Dave P and Dan the leader) drove past nearly snowless slopes of Logan Canyon canyon on our way to the Sink Hollow Winter Trailhead. Starting out at about 10:55 a.m. we headed north on the Nordic United groomed Sink Hollow ski track with 2-3 inches of new snow under our skis, passing some grooming equipment parked among the trees. The wind was less than expected and the sky was gray, with periods of light snow. The previous day's grooming effort was visible under the blanket of new snow, so we were able to stay on the route. Taking a right turn, we climbed a small hill and passed two skiers and their dog. We continued on the north loop, crossed back over the sink hollow trail where we encountered more skiers. Returning to the parking lot about noon, we were serenaded by hordes of noisy snowmobiles as we ate lunch in the comfort of the car.

After lunch we crossed the road and found our way onto the south loop known as Beaver Bottoms. The trail climbed to the west and skirted around below the Beaver Mountain parking area, turned south and descended to Beaver Creek. Here we turned left and returned to the meadow across the road from the parking lot. At this point Dave P remained near the road while Dave W and Dan continued north for another small loop. This took us back up the hill toward Beaver, then we turned right and glided down the sunny meadow where Dave P was waiting. We finished before 2 p.m. and returned to Logan about 2:45 p.m. The Sink Hollow loop was 2.3 miles and Beaver Bottoms was 2 miles, for a total skiing distance 4/3 miles with about 470 ft of climbing.

Trip Summary:

  • Carpooled 29 miles to the Sink Hollow Winter Trailhead and started skiing about 10:55
  • Lunch at the trailhead, 12:15 - 12:40
  • Ended skiing about 1:45 and back in Logan about 2:30 (an earlier return than we had anticipated for this trip)
  • Variable weather conditions, from overcast sky and light snow to partly sunny
  • 4.3 miles and 470 feet of elevation (a shorter distance than we had anticipated for this trip)

Thanks to Dan for the narrative and photos, Dave P for photos and Dave W for photos and GPS work.


Entrance to the groomed Sink Hollow track

Sink Trail

Skiing the Sink Hollow track in the morning


SkierSign Flagging
Signs and flagging marked the groomed track


Entrance to the groomed Beaver Bottoms track

Gliding down sunny Beaver Bottoms in the afternoon, with Beaver Mountain in the background

The GPS track shows 4.3 miles and 470 feet of elevation

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps