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Smithfield Canyon Ski/Snowshoe, 10 February, 2019

Sixteen snowshoers and skiers headed up Smithfield Canyon on an unexpectedly mild winter day.  We enjoyed a mixture of clouds, sun, a light breeze and the gurgling of Summit Creek flowing next to the trail.  The trail was well packed and easily traveled on both skis and snowshoes.   

Trip Summary:

  • 16 participants:  Dave P., Peter, Susan, Dave W., Jane, Maggie and Rachel on skis.  Kathy, Brent (leader), Lynne, David We., Michelle, Bryce, Kathleen, Lexi and Bree on snowshoes. 
  • Organized carpools and drove 12 miles to the USFS boundary in Smithfield Canyon.
  • On the trail at 10:40, with lunch at the summer trailhead 12:15-12:45. Back at our vehicles at 1:50 and Logan by 2:30.
  • Mostly cloudy with comfortable temperatures, about 35 F. Windy during our lunch (snow depth was 32 inches), followed by partially clearing skies and warming temperatures. A major winter storm was forecast for early afternoon but it did not arrive until evening.
  • Traveled 4.7 miles with 650 feet of ascent and descent.

Thanks to Brent for the narrative and photos, Dave P., Brent, Kathy and Jane, for photos and Dave W. for photos and GPS data.

On the bridge over Summit Creek, near the beginning of our trip
Snowshoers on the trail
More snowshoers
Enjoying the sights and sounds of Summit Creek as we traveled along
A kiosk at the (summer) trailhead
Our chilly and windy lunch site at the second gate (the summer trailhead and parking area)
A bit of blue sky and warmer temperatures as we descended the canyon
Icy Summit Creek inspired a number of scenic photos (below)
Icy Summit Creek inspired a number of scenic photos (above)
Our GPS track shows about 4.7 miles with 650 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth or download our GPS file.