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Smithfield Canyon Hike, September 27, 2014

Two courageous Cache Hikers, Jim, the designated trip leader, and RJ, attempted this hike in spite of the pouring rain. It rained steadily but they managed to stay warm all the way as long as they kept hiking. They turned around about 3 miles up the canyon when the trail got too steep and slippery with mud to continue safely. It stopped raining for a while on the way back, but heavy rain resumed about noon, just as they arrived at the trailhead and their vehicles.

The fall colors were beautiful despite the rainy conditions and the hikers were rewarded with great views of Mount Naomi and Cherry Peak, They kicked up several grouse on the way up and saw scarlet gilia and goldeneyes still blooming.

Trip Summary:

  • About 6 miles overall, with about 1500 feet of elevation
  • Return to the trailhead about noon and Logan by 12:45
  • Such a rainy day is seldom seen in Cache Valley, with1.5 inches total for the day


Cherry Peak view

Looking NE toward Cherry Peak


Canyon view

Looking SW down Smithfield Canyon


Jim RJ

Jim and RJ during a break in the rain



This is the approximate route, based on GPS readings from a previous trip