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Smithfield Canyon Ski/Snowshoe, 7 February, 2015

Eleven people gathered at Smith’s in Logan at 10:00 am: Dave W, Jane, Dave P, Kip, Bridgette, Tim, Jeanne, Catherine, Brent, Lynn, and Mitch. They joined Nick and Betty (trip leader) at Lee’s in Smithfield.

We left our cars about 10:45 at the muddy parking area at the Forest boundary in Smithfield Canyon and started up the closed road, which had a bit of icy snow, then across the bridge, where there was a mixture of mud and ice. This lasted about a half mile, where it turned into ice. At this point, everyone put on their foot gear, which included snowshoes, traction cleats, and skis for Dave W.

We made good time to the gate at the trailhead, where pictures were taken . Because this area was in the shade, we made our way back down a ways to find a perfect sunny spot to enjoy lunch.

We headed back down the trail with everyone admiring Dave for his ability to handle the icy conditions on his skis. The rest of us managed quite well on our snowshoes and cleats. Some of the words that best describe the conditions include “blustery,” “warm,” “mud,” "April In February", “icy.” We returned to the parking area at 2:00 after having gone 4.7 miles. The majority arrived back in Logan about 2:30. All in all, it was an great day, with good weather and enjoyable company.

Trip Summary:

  • Carpooled 11 miles to the Forest boundary in Smithfield Canyon
  • Started out about 10:45
  • Turned around at the trailhead gate, 12:20
  • Lunch in th sun, 12:25 - 1:00
  • Back to our cars about 2:00 and Logan by 2:30
  • Weather was unseasonably warm, sunny and breezy
  • 4.7 miles and 650 feet elevation

Thanks to Betty for the narrative and Dave W and Dave P for photos and Dave W for the GPS work

A snowless start at the Forest boundary in Smithfield Canyon
Arriving at our destination, the trailhead gate in Smithfield Canyon (the bare area marks a buried water line)
A sunny lunch spot
Comfortable seating for lunch
Snowshoeing along Summit Creek
Ripple marks of a fossil beach


Time to take the skis off
Our trip totaled 4.7 miles, with 650 feet of elevation

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps