Smithfield Canyon Ski/Snowshoe, March 2, 2013

Seven Cache Hikers enjoyed a pleasant ski and snowshoe trip to Smithfield Canyon on Saturday, March 2, 2013.   We met in Logan at 10:00, organized into carpools, and drove to the gate at the Forest boundary in Smithfield Canyon.  The parking area and the final section of road had not been plowed, but our 4-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles had little difficulty, and we started out on the trail at 10:45.  Betty led the way on skis, Alexi, Jane, Jeanne, Terry and Gordon followed on snowshoes, and Dave W. skied along at the rear.  The snow was in good condition, although there were a couple of bare patches in the first 1/4 mile.  We continued up the canyon until we arrived at a good spot for lunch - a clearing with a good view.and plenty of sunshine.  

After nearly an hour of lounging in waist-deep snow, we packed up and headed back down the canyon.  Betty and Dave made quick progress on their skis, but they stopped periodically so the rest of the group could catch up.  We encountered several others along the way - this obviously was a popular destination.  About 2:30 we arrived at the parking area, and we were back at Logan about 3:00.  The trip totaled 4 miles with 500 feet of elevation gain.  We followed the road the entire way, stopping more than a half-mile short of the gate that marks the end of the road in summer.

Smithfield lunch
Lunch in the sun, two miles up Smithfield Canyon

Coming down the trail
On our way back down the trail

We spotted this partially-eaten deer about 1/4 mile from the beginning

Smthfield Canyon GPS trak
Our GPS track shows 4 miles and about 500 feet of elevation

Here is the satellite view, from Google