Smithfield Canyon Hike, September 29, 2012 

Smithfield Canyon usually is a pleasant hike, and this was no exception.  Jim led the way as we enjoyed great weather and colorful fall foliage.  Six people participated; Terry, Jim , Denis, Dave P., Dave W.,  and Jane.

We carpooled to the trailhead, a 40-minute trip that,
in spite of some recent repair work, included several miles of rough canyon road.   About a mile into the hike we came to the improvised stream crossing where the trail washed out after the wet winter of 2010-2011.  The low late-summer water level made for uneventful stream crossings as we hiked past the Grotto and started up the switchbacks.  As with previous trips, the trail is in poor condition around the 3 mile mark as it traverses along an open west-facing slope.  We were pleased to see the recent logging activity around mile 3.75, since large logs across the trail here had been a problem for several years.  We reached the ridge overlooking Cottonwood Canyon, ate lunch, and enjoyed a leisurely and colorful trip back down to the trailhead. 

Crossing Summit
An improvised crossing over Summit Creek 

Our turn-around point  on the Smithfield Canyon - Cottonwood Canyon ridge

Brilliant fall colors

Smithfield trail
Hiking back down Smithfield Canyon with Naomi Peak in the background

Smithfield Canyon GPS track