Spawn Creek, 10 October, 2021

Seven Cache Hikers enjoyed a classic fall hike:  Susan, Brent, Laylah, Christine, Jack, Ralph and Dave P (leader).  The mountains just had a soaking rain but the day was gloriously sunny and cool.  There were a few clouds hanging around the mountains which added interest to views of snow on the higher peaks.  There were cow and horse tracks headed down the trail, possibly strays that had entered the protected stream area and were driven out by cowboys.  The rain made the lower trail muddy but when we started to climb into the canyon the trail was gravelly with good footing.  The trail work and brush clearing by Cache Hikers in previous years (2019 example) is still evident. 

We heard blue jays, squirrels, and only 3 rifle shots for the second day of elk season.  Everyone was glad to be wearing some hunter orange. There was plenty of beaver work nearly all the way up to Temple Aspen Spring.  The spring was dry on the slope and only running in the bottom of the valley.  We headed back down to a sunny spot for lunch.   A mist came over the mountains from the south that we guessed was condensation due to warm sun on the other side evaporating moisture that then hit the cold north-facing slope.

Trip Summary:
  • Seven Cache Hikers:  Susan, Brent, Laylah, Christine, Jack, Ralph and Dave P (leader)
  • Drove 19 miles to the Spawn Creek trailhead in Temple Fork, Logan Canyon
  • Donned "hunter orange" apparel for safety during elk hunting season
  • Started hiking about 8:45, lunch about 11:15 - 11:45, back to the trailhead shortly after 1:00 and returned to Logan about 2:00
  • Clear skies and cool temperatures
  • Hiked about 6.1 miles with about 1750 feet of ascent and descent

Thanks to Dave P. for the narrative and photos, Susan for photos and Ralph for photos and GPS data.

Cache Hikers at Spawn Creek trailhead (the Worm Fence ATV trail also starts at this location)
Beaver stump
Sun peeking over Temple Peak
Beaver activity
Pond view Ponds2
There are a lot of beaver ponds in Spawn Creek
The first mile of the trail is in open terrain with sagebrush
The canyon narrows after the second mile
A water diversion at Temple Aspen Spring, three miles from the trailhead, directs early-season water from the trail
There isn't much water running from Temple Aspen Spring in the fall
Stream Stove
A mossy Spawn Creek below Temple Aspen Spring
Parts of an old cast-iron stove near Temple Aspen Spring
Lunch photo
Enjoying lunch near the trail
This looks like a good spot for a photo!
trail3 westview
Looking toward the snowy peaks of the main ridge of the the Bear River Range on our descent
Looking west over Spawn Creek beaver ponds
Our GPS track shows about 6.1 miles and 1750 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.