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Spring Hollow, 16 July, 2017

Nine hikers made up the group: Jim, Dan, Dave W., Jane, Kathy, Laurel, Renee, Travis, and Dave P. (leader). We took the “scenic route” along Third Dam Reservoir to the old logging trail. The heat, humidity, and steep, rocky trail slowed us down, but the flowers were great. We reached the Spring Hollow Cliff and continued until we reached a rock slab with numerous crinoid and brachiopod fossils, where we stopped for lunch at about 11:30. This spot has good views to the north to Beirdneau Peak, and is just before the trail swings south. After lunch, rehydrating, and a bit of fossil hunting we headed back down.

Most of the group went back down the steep trail past the spring. One hiker had gone ahead and got off on the wrong trail but fortunately he was able to find his way back to the trailhead. The high temperatures caused several hikers to run a bit low on water, but everyone returned safely. The temperature at the trailhead at 2:30 was 85 , so it’s not too surprising that heat made the hike a challenge.

Trip Summary:

  • Participants: Jim, Dan, Dave W., Jane, Kathy, Laurel, Renee, Travis, and Dave P. (leader)
  • Drove 7 miles to the Spring Hollow campground
  • Started on the trail at 8:30
  • Lunch about 11:30 - 12:20
  • Back at the trailhead at 2:30 and Logan at 3:00
  • Clear skies, calm winds and hot temperatures
  • About 7.5 miles with 2500 feet of ascent

Thanks to Dave P. for the narrative, Jane and Dave W. for photos and Dave W. for the GPS work


Hiking up the Spring Hollow Trail



Much of the trail was steep and rocky

Fossils near our lunch spot


Enjoying a shady lunch
Coneflower Sego
Western coneflower One of many sego lilies along the way


Weidemeyer's admiral feeding on horsemint flowers
Our GPS track shows about 7.5 miles with 2500 feet of ascent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.