Spring Hollow Hike, June 23, 2013

Seven hikers attempted this strenuous hike: Dave P. (leader), Dave W., Kathy, Erika, Cheyenne, Sherece, and Denis.  The trail was steep and rocky but abundant flowers and a contingent of youthful energy kept us going.  Near a large cliff face, probably a glacial cirque, we found crinoid fossils.  Kathy decided to rest at the last section of switchbacks, staying in touch by radio while the rest pushed on.  We reached the old Logan Peak Road, which is blocked with lots of timber and rocks, and found an open area near the ridgetop to eat lunch. 

After Lunch, Dave W. and Sherece scouted the area for a trailhead with the new Logan Peak Road but couldn’t find one.  In the rocks near our lunch spot Dennis found many horn corals. The hike took us from fields of bluebells to spring beauties and even a patch of snow.  

At 11 miles, the total distance for this trip was somewhat longer than anticipated because we returned to the campground via the longer-but-easier Bridger Look-Off trail, while
Dave W. and Sherece went 11.5 miles because of their lunchtime scouting trip.

(Thanks to Dave P. for the narrative and Dave W. for the GPS work.)

Note:   In 2009 a new road was built to Logan Peak, and old road sections were closed and reclaimed.  As a result, the Spring Hollow trail now ends on the old abandoned road, without an obvious access from the new road.
Spring Hollow GPS track

Spring Hollow, June 23, 2013.  Waypoints "SHlog" mark logs across the Spring Hollow trail, and "SHsign" show locations of trail signs.

Here is a satellite view of our route, from Google.  You can zoom in to see the upper end of the trail and the "old" and "new" roads.