Steam Mill Ridge, 17 July, 2022

Description in progress

Trip Summary:
  • Eleven participants:  Kamren, Dave P, Kathy, Susan B, Susan H, Brent J, Teresa, Jane, Michelle, David, and Deanna (leader)
  • Drove 26 miles to the Steam Mill Trailhead
  • Lunch in the shade near the stream and the old boiler. Everyone was back in Logan by 5:00
  • Clear skies, calm winds and warm temperatures
  • About 9 miles with 2300 feet of ascent for the "ridge hikers"; about 7 miles with 1500 feet for those who hiked to the boiler and back

Thanks to Dave P. and Jane for the photos and Dave W. for the estimated GPS data.

Cache Hikers, on the Steam Mill Trail

A pleasant stream crossing

Drinking with a water filtering "straw"  Visiting the historic steam boiler

Three trail options at the Steam Mill boiler: south (left) on Shortys Cutoff to White Pine Canyon, ahead (center) to Steam Mill Lake, or north (right) on Shortys Cutoff to Steep Hollow

Four hikers took Shortys Cutoff south to the ridge between White Pine Canyon and Steam Mill Canyon

Swallowtail butterfly
Showy fleabane (?)

Nautiloid fossil, Garden City formation about 480 million years old
Fossil worm tracks

Our GPS track (based on a previous hike) shows about 9 miles and 2300 feet of ascent. 
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.