Stump Hollow Snowshoe, February 17, 2013

Four Cache snowshoers participated in this Stump Hollow excursion:  Dan, Jeanne, Alex and Dave P.  We met 10:00 in Logan, as usual, carpooled up to the BeaverJunction Winter Trailhead, and started out on the Stump Hollow trail at 11:05 under a sunny sky.  

At 12:40 we arrived at a meadow two miles from the trailhead for a pleasant lunch in the sun.   Dan shared gouda cheese and Alex used his backpacking stove to make tea.  After lunch, we split into two groups.  Dave and Jeanne headed back, arriving at Logan about 3:30, but D
an and Alex climbed up to the ridge on the west side of Stump Hollow and headed north.  The going was slow through deep, soft snow, often "postholing" even while wearing snowsnoes.   Clouds moved in, the wind picked up and it began snowing, and the snow underfoot showed signs of instability.   Eventually the weary travelers made their way back down to Stump Hollow trailhead about 4:30.

Dave and Jeanne's trip was 4 miles with 800 feet of climing.  Dan and Alex's more strenuous option totaled 4.8 miles with a climb well over 900 feet..

On the ridge
Alex breaking trail along the ridge

Looking toward Logan Canyon from the Stump Hollow ridge

GPS track and map
This is Alex and Dan's route - 4.8 miles and more than 900 feet of climibing

Here is the satellite view, from Google