Stump Hollow, 3 March, 2024

With a weather forecast of cold, snow, and wind for upper Logan Canyon, 7 hardy souls met at the usual rendezvous of Smith’s Marketplace at 10 am. The five snowshoers and two skiers drove up the canyon in two vehicles to the small parking area at the Beaver Mountain turnoff. We started on the trail at about 11 am.

As forecast, it was snowy and windy with a temperature of about 25 degrees. Everyone was well-equipped with hooded jackets, warm layers, and mitts. Several of us even donned ski goggles. We crossed the highway, climbed the high snow berm, and post holed thigh-deep until we got on our skis and snowshoes. The snow was deep and powdery with a decent base. Teresa and Chris shared trail breaking duties.

Once in the trees, we got away from the wind and everyone warmed up with the effort of moving through the snow. After an hour and a half, we found a sheltered spot to break for lunch, and then decided to head back to the vehicles. The way out went a lot faster than the way in. Not many miles traversed but great snow, gorgeous scenery, lots of snowshoe hare tracks, and camaraderie.

Trip Summary
  • 7 trekkers: Teresa (leader), Chris, Dave W, Jane, Jesse, Lia, Chloe.  
  • Drove 28 miles to the Beaver Junction Picnic Area and Winter Trailhead at the US-89/SR-243 junction
  • Started on the trail at 11am, with lunch about 12:45-1:15 pm, back at the vehicles at 2 pm
  • Traveled about 2.8 miles with an elevation change of about 400 feet
  • Temperature about 25 degrees with snow falling most of the time and windy

Thanks to Teresa for the narrative, Teresa and Jane for photos, and Teresa and Dave W for GPS data. 

Gearing up after crossing the highway

The trailhead sign was nearly buried in the deep snow - compare with 2023, for example
Starting out, a short distance from the trailhead

Pausing for a photo

A snowy day in Stump Hollow

Are we having fun yet?

A snowy lunch

Our GPS track shows about 2.8 miles and 400 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.