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Stump Hollow Ski/Snowshoe, 3 February, 2019

Sixteen individuals -- 3 on skis (Dave W., Teresa, and Maggie) and 13 on snowshoes (Dave P., Kathy, Bryce, Brent, Lynne, Steve, Georgia, Maury, Jane, Michelle, Tawnya, Bree, and Chris) -- participated in the Stump Hollow trip. We carpooled from Logan and arrived at the Beaver Junction parking area about 10:40 am. After crossing US-89, we put on our gear near the trailhead and headed into the woods. About 5-6” of fresh snow had accumulated overnight, and it snowed steadily during the outing.

On the way up Stump Hollow, we followed the original trail on the east-facing slope. It later merged with the trail in the “bottom” of the hollow, which we followed until finding a place for lunch under some conifers just before 1:00 pm. After lunch, we all headed down the “bottom” trail and reached the parking area about 2:45 pm. Snowshoe hare tracks were abundant along the trail. We also stopped at a few places to view bark beetle damage on mature lodgepole pine trees. Everyone returned to Logan about 3:15 pm.

Trip Summary:

  • 16 Participants: Dave W., Teresa, Maggie, Dave P., Kathy, Bryce, Brent, Lynne, Steve, Georgia, Maury, Jane, Michelle, Tawnya, Bree, and Chris (leader)
  • Organized carpools and drove 28 miles up Logan Canyon on US-89 to Beaver Junction parking area
  • Started snowshoeing/skiing about 10:50 am, with lunch from 12:55 – 1:20 pm; back at parking area by 2:45 pm and Logan by 3:15 pm
  • Cloudy skies with steady snow during outing; 5-6” of fresh snow on trail; pleasant temperatures. It was 33°F with 31 inches of snow at our lunch stop.
  • GPS track shows about 3.8 miles with an elevation gain of 700 feet.

Note: We followed the "official" trail as we traveled up the canyon. In recent years trail users have essentially abandoned this official route in favor of an old closed jeep road route that follows the drainage in the bottom of the canyon. On the map below you can see both routes (the "official" trail is part of the Great Western Trail system and is marked accordingly).

Thanks Chris for the narrative, Dave W. and Jane for photos and Dave W. for the GPS data.

Donning skis and snowshoes in the wind after crossing US-89 near Beaver Junction Winter Trailhead
Snowshoeing past the Stump Hollow Trailhead


Evidence of bark beetle research Snowshoeing up the trail

Lunch in a sheltered spot under the trees

These snowshoers came all the way from Box Elder County Is it a high-heel shoe or ?
The snowy end of our trip near US-89
Our GPS track shows about 3.8 miles and 700 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth or download our GPS file.